Wondering how to make time in Little Alchemy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! As an expert in this addictive game, I’ll guide you through the process step by step. Making time is a crucial element in Little Alchemy as it serves as a building block for numerous other combinations.

To create time, you’ll need just two basic elements: sand and glass. Combine these two materials by dragging one onto the other, and voila! You’ve successfully crafted time. It’s fascinating how a simple combination of common ingredients can result in something so abstract and profound.

How To Make Time In Little Alchemy

Unlocking Time Element

When it comes to creating time in Little Alchemy, the first step is unlocking the time element. In this enchanting game of discovery and combination, time is an essential element that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. To unlock the time element, you’ll need to combine two basic elements: “life” and “hourglass.” By merging these elements together, you’ll successfully unlock the elusive element of time.

Combining Elements to Make Time

Once you’ve obtained the time element, you can use it as a building block for further combinations. Making time in Little Alchemy involves combining various elements to create new ones. Here are some exciting combinations that involve using the time element:

  1. Time + Sun:
    • Result: Day
    • Description: The combination of time and sun brings forth daylight, illuminating your alchemical endeavors.
  1. Time + Moon:
    • Result: Night
    • Description: Merging time with the moon results in the serene beauty of nighttime, offering a different ambiance for your experiments.
  1. Time + Glass:
    • Result: Clock
    • Description: Combining time with glass leads to the creation of a clock, an instrument that measures and tracks the passage of time itself.
  1. Time + Sand:
    • Result: Hourglass
    • Description: This combination reinforces and enhances your understanding of temporal concepts by producing an hourglass.

These combinations are just a glimpse into what’s possible when working with the concept of time in Little Alchemy. Feel free to experiment and discover other intriguing mixtures involving this pivotal element!


How to Make Time in Little Alchemy

In the fascinating world of Little Alchemy, where you combine different elements to create new ones, discovering how to make time is a must. Time is a fundamental element that opens up a realm of possibilities for your alchemical experiments. In this section, we’ll explore the basic elements required to create time and guide you through the process step by step.

  1. Start with Earth and Fire: To begin your journey towards creating time, you need two essential elements: Earth and Fire. These are the building blocks from which you’ll construct more complex combinations.
  2. Combine Earth and Fire: Once you have obtained Earth and Fire, it’s time to mix them together! Drag one element onto the other in your game interface or tap on them if you’re playing on a mobile device. As they interact, new possibilities will emerge.
  3. Discover Lava: The combination of Earth and Fire results in an exciting outcome – Lava! This fiery liquid brings us one step closer to unraveling the mysteries of time.
  4. Add Water to Lava: Now that we have Lava at our disposal, let’s introduce another elemental force into the equation: Water. By combining Water with Lava, we can unlock even more potent ingredients for our alchemical endeavors.
  5. Create Stone: The fusion of Water and Lava brings forth an intriguing substance known as Stone. This solid material holds within it the potential for transformational discoveries.
  6. Introduce Air to Stone: To further refine our concoction, we now incorporate Air into the mix – an ethereal element that permeates everything around us. The interaction between Air and Stone yields remarkable results.
  7. Witness Dust Formation: As Air interacts with Stone, tiny particles start swirling around – Dust is born! This seemingly simple ingredient plays a crucial role in shaping our journey towards creating time.
  8. Combine Dust with Time: Finally, it’s time to merge Dust with the concept we’ve been striving to achieve all along – Time. By combining these two elements, you will have successfully unlocked the secret to making time in Little Alchemy.

Now that you know how to make time in Little Alchemy, a world of endless possibilities awaits you. Use your newfound knowledge wisely as you continue to unravel the secrets of this captivating alchemical universe. Happy experimenting!