Counter-Strike is a first-person online multiplayer shooter from the house of Valve. It is one of the most popular esports games, with tens of global events happening around the globe. Since the first launch of the Counter-Strike in 1999, the game has undergone massive changes. Here is the complete history of the Counter-Strike game along.


At first, Counter-Strike was just a mode for Half-Life, and it was later released as a separate multiplayer game. Due to its gameplay, Counter-Strike quickly became popular among the gaming community. In the year 2000, it was the most-played game of the year.

Counter-Strike Editions

Two years after the release of the Half-Life game mod, the first edition of Counter-Strike called Counter-Strike 1.0 was released.


Everything from graphics to gameplay mechanics was updated as well as new maps were added to the game. The game was an instant hit. Everything was going in the right direction, and Valve decided to release a new edition in 2004. It was called Counter-Strike: Source because it used the Source engine. Graphics, physics, and mechanics were updated thanks to this engine.

Compared to the Counter-Strike game, Counter-Strike: Source received mixed reactions from critics and the gaming community. Gamers didn’t like the mechanics of the new game. But with time, Counter-Strike: Source was accepted by the community. Counter-Strike: Globe Offensive was released in 2012. Valve collaborated with Hidden Path Entertainment to upgrade the graphics and the gameplay of Counter-Strike. Various new maps were also added to the game. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most played title in the series. It is an esports sensation, and various championships happen around the globe every year.

Counter-Strike Tournaments

The first major Counter-Strike tournament was started by Valve in 2014, and the total price money of this tournament was one million dollars.


Some of the best Counter-Strike teams from around the globe took part in this tournament. All these esports tournaments played an important role in making Counter-Strike popular.

Impact of Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike has gained a cult following in all these years and has impacted the gaming industry to a great extent. The first-person online multiplayer genre wasn’t that popular before Counter-Strike. However, after the launch of the game, they became very popular among the gaming community. Various other online games have become successful by simply following the rules of Counter-Strike. Many popular games, such as Battlefield and Call of Duty, are developed on the same principles.

What is the future of Counter-Strike?

Counter-Strike has ruled over the first-person online shooting genre for more than two decades, and the popularity of the game isn’t going down anywhere soon. Also, you can sell CSGO skins. The game is still very popular, and hundreds of thousands of players enjoy it every day. All this popularity is due to those esports events. Counter-Strike will remain in the highlights for many upcoming years. Developers have plans to update this game, as a new Counter-Strike title is under development.

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