The Scottish Cup is the premier domestic knockout football competition in Scotland. The website features all the matches of this exciting competition.

Established in 1873, it is the oldest national football cup tournament in the world. The Scottish Cup brings together teams from all levels of Scottish football, from amateur clubs to professional teams, in a battle for the prestigious trophy. If you want to wager on Scottish football, then 1xBet is definitely the best option available for all punters.

Format of the Tournament

The Scottish Cup follows a traditional knockout format. Teams from various leagues across Scotland enter the competition. Wagering on football teams from Scotland is always a great idea, and whenever they play, you can use 1xBet app for iPhone to do so. These competitions include:

  • the Scottish Premier League;
  • the Scottish Professional Football League;
  • the Highland Football League;
  • the Lowland Football League;
  • and several junior and amateur leagues.


The tournament begins with multiple preliminary rounds, leading to the first round proper. Don’t forget to use the 1xBet app for iPhone to wager on all stages of this exciting tournament. As teams progress, they face elimination if they lose a match until the final, where two teams compete for the championship.

History of the Competition

The Scottish Cup has a rich history dating back to its inaugural edition in 1873-1874. Queen’s Park FC won the first tournament, starting a legacy that continues to this day. Over the years, the cup has witnessed remarkable underdog stories, memorable upsets, and intense rivalries. This makes it a highly anticipated competition in Scottish football. The website 1xBet provides virtual sports betting in addition to its fantastic football wagers.

The Scottish Cup has produced numerous memorable matches and moments throughout its history. The “Hampden in the Sun” final in 1957, where Celtic defeated arch-rivals Rangers in scorching heat, remains one of the most iconic Scottish Cup finals. The “David and Goliath” victory of Inverness Caledonian Thistle, an underdog team from the second tier, against Celtic in the 2000-2001 season is another legendary moment. The 1xBet website provides virtual sports betting and excellent football wagers for those wishing to win great rewards.


The Scottish Cup has seen various records set and broken over the years. Celtic holds the record for the most wins, with 40 Scottish Cup titles to their name. The fastest goal in a final was scored by Bobby Lennox of Celtic in 1967, finding the net after just 33 seconds. Additionally, the highest-scoring final occurred in 1960, with a 7-1 victory for Kilmarnock over Falkirk.

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