There are a zillion possible options for players to enjoy online blackjack. For those players who are tired of the standard rules and want to make their game more interesting. In this article, we will talk in more detail about the main types of live blackjack that you need to know about.

Why are There Other Versions of Blackjack?

As you know, blackjack has a long history of development. Previously, depending on the country and the location as a whole, the rules differed from each other. Now nothing much has changed. You can see the American version of the game, Spanish, and others. In addition, there are more non-standard types, such as double black Jack or Pontoon. If you want to know more about the most popular varieties, then we recommend using the Blackjackonline21au platform. This is a great opportunity to diversify the game and get even more emotions.

Types of Blackjack

Australian Blackjack

As we mentioned earlier, depending on the country, there are different rules in this card game. If we talk about online blackjack in Australia, then the rules are not much different from what we are used to. However, there are some aspects to consider. For example, the dealer deals only one face-up card to himself and waits until the players have completed all their actions. Only then can he deal himself a second card? When it comes to doubling down, unlike other versions, in Australian blackjack, you can do it with a total of 9, 10, or 11 points. Also, you can’t give up even if you have “bad” cards.

European Blackjack

The next popular variety is the European real money online blackjack. Usually, in such a game, there are six to eight decks.


Its main feature is that you can only double the bet when you get a combination of nine to eleven points. In addition, the combination of an ace and jack of black suits is paid as five to three. These aspects make this blackjack popular among many players.

Multi-Handed Blackjack

The next type of blackjack game online is multi-handed. The bottom line is that you can play with several combinations at once, thereby increasing your chances of winning. As a rule, you can use from one to five combinations in the game. Each player has the right to independently determine the number of combinations that he or she will use. But keep in mind that you need to make a separate bet for each combination. In the next step, the croupier gives the player two cards for each combination and two cards for himself. One of them will be open and the other closed. Next, the players perform actions with their combinations. At the end of the game, as elsewhere, the cards are revealed.

Double Black Jack

If you want to increase your chances when playing blackjack, then choose the double version. The main feature is that the dealer’s two cards are dealt face up. Thus, you fully know the capabilities of your opponent and thus make the right decisions about further play. However, in this version, you can’t give up or use insurance.


This kind of blackjack online came to us from Britain. There are 8 decks of 52 cards in the game. The main feature is that players can only take one card per turn. Thus, the game becomes more dynamic and interesting.


Despite the fact that this game came from Britain, players from Australia love to play it. Payouts are another difference. In this game, the casino will pay out 2:1. A double is allowed not only on two initial cards but also on three and four.

How to Choose the Right Version For You?

To decide on the most interesting version of online blackjack for yourself, you will need to play blackjack each version. During the game, you will understand whether the rules of the game suit your preferences or not. Sometimes it’s time to diversify the standard rules with something interesting and unusual. Other versions of this game will help you with this.


If you have long wanted to diversify and make your blackjack online processes more interesting, then consider the above versions of this game. In fact, there are many more, but we have mentioned some of the most common. Thanks to such a large selection of variations, you will definitely be able to find the most suitable version of the game that you like the most. The main thing is to understand the rules of the new version of the game well so as not to make mistakes and not lose the bet due to non-acquaintance. If you want to practice, then we recommend starting the game with the free versions. After you have a good understanding of the principle of the blackjack you have chosen, you could try to play for real funds.