TikTok, with its 250 million downloads, is the fastest-growing social media app. It has its own genera of users, and the number has been ever-increasing since its inception in 2016. As of now, out of the 5.16 billion internet users worldwide, 20.83% of them are active on TikTok. This digital platform allows users to create, share and watch 15 seconds of video recorded on a smartphone or handy cam. TikTok features bespoke original short videos with amazing sound effects that make the app highly immersive and engaging. If you wish to become a content creator and are indecisive about the platform, the answer is straightforward TikTok.

Spot the Target Audience

If you wish to become a creator on TikTok, you need to follow some simple tricks and guidelines used by renowned TikTok creators. Before taking any further steps, you need to spot the target audience for the podcasts. This is a critical and fundamental step, as it will aid you in exhibiting consistent content that attracts and keeps your audience enchanted and engaged.


The most followed niches on this platform are; dancing, lip-synchronization, handicraft, humor, cuisines, fitness, motivation, fashion, and sketching. You can make the slot more immersive by adding background music and filter effects.

Time Matters

Viewers can watch an impressive video at any time they wish, but as a creator, there is a definite time to post the video on TikTok. If you post the videos at the right time so more viewers can watch, broaden the audience base. As per SocialPilot, the most appropriate time (in EST) is as follows: Monday-6 AM, 10 AM, 11 PM, Tuesday-2 AM, 4 PM, 9 AM, Wednesday-6 and 8 AM, 11 PM, Thursday-9 AM, 12 and 7 PM, Friday-5 AM, 1 and 3 PM, Saturday-11 AM,7 and 9 PM, Sunday-7 and 8 AM, 4 PM. There are many marketing agencies that could help you to create the right kind of content and time so your videos go viral.

Trending and Pertinent Hashtags

To keep your audience engaged, create short and vibrant videos; as the number of posted videos increases, the possibility of new viewership increases. It needs to capture their attention instantly as a viewer only spends 55.8 minutes on TikTok on a daily basis. To capture and retain viewers` attention, the posts must be crisp, squat, and vivid.


As people are frenetic about short clips, long ones may bore your viewers and can cause more harm than good. Try to create a 15 seconds video that is the perfect video length for TikTok. Apart from the duration of the video, proper hashtags will increase the digital visibility of the post. Use trending and pertinent hashtags.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Create content on trendy subjects that flow on TikTok to have a sense of watching other creators’ content and their viewership. However, trends keep changing. What was viral in the morning becomes stale at dusk, so you need to be innovative to keep pace with the changes. The content on trendy subjects must be humorous and reliable so your brand gains reorganization and acceptance from viewers. Beauty, fashion, personal finance, and fitness goal are often trendy subjects on TikTok. The Discover tab in the bottom menu exhibits the prevailing trends. Out-of-the-box thinking is the key to being an applause creator in TikTok, and the videos must have three attributes; startling, unsettling, and weird.

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