Savvy Games Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Saudi Public Investment Fund, has been named a significant partner for Al-Hilal Saudi Club. The agreement would help the Riyadh football club realize its goals of modernizing the facilities used by its first team and community squad and enabling more young training programs. The company was established to foster the long-term growth and development of the games and esports sector. Additionally, it’ll aid in local and international recruiting as the club strives to maintain its position as Asia’s most successful squad. It will encourage more fans to bet on sports and esports tournaments to support their favorite team on GGBET and be more actively involved in the games.

In exchange, Savvy’s brand will be highlighted across a variety of Al-Hilal’s content and assets, both inside and outside the stadium, with the possibility of further partnerships with the club’s larger company. According to Brian Ward, chief executive officer of Savvy Games Group, football has an extraordinary potential to unite people, whether on the pitch or on a video game console.

Abdullah Aljarbou, CEO of Al-Hilal, expressed his pleasure at signing the collaboration deal with

Savvy, describing it as a significant component of the Kingdom’s plan to make Saudi Arabia a major video game and esports center by 2030. Aljarbou emphasized that the collaboration will serve the club’s goals, including training and development programs while enhancing Savvy’s reputation by playing alongside Al-Hilal.

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The popularity of football has steadily increased in the Kingdom in recent years, and there has also been a corresponding increase in the demand for football-related games.

How The Saudi Esports Federation Is Paving The Way For Regional Gaming Development

Turki Al-Fawzan, CEO of the Saudi Esports Federation, speaks to Arab News on gaming growth in the Kingdom, support for female gamers, and international partnerships as Gamers8: Land of Heroes approaches in just under a month.

The SEF’s Contribution To The Development Of Gaming In The Kingdom

Following Saudi Vision 2030, the esports sector in Saudi Arabia is anticipated to expand quickly over the next few years with increased infrastructure investment and assistance from the public and commercial sectors.

The world’s largest gaming and esports event, Gamers8, which attracts top esports champions, was hosted in Saudi Arabia last year. More than 1.4 million individuals visited the Riyadh festival in 2022, while more than 132 million people watched it online. The elite esports contests featured 391 professional players from more than 61 different countries and 113 international teams.

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All of these figures demonstrate enormous popularity and promise. By building a robust and long-lasting environment for esports in the nation, they want to play a significant part in this progress. They think they can promote a healthy esports business that aids in the general growth of the Kingdom by giving players, teams, and organizations a chance to participate and work together in the greatest esports events in the world. Presently, the largest esports competitions in the world, with the largest prize pools, are being held in Saudi Arabia.

The Federation’s Support Of Regional Esports

The main objective of the Saudi Esports Federation is to encourage and assist the growth of esports in the area. This is accomplished through a variety of projects, including organizing tournaments, such as Gamers Without Borders, the largest charitable esports event in the world, and Gamers8, the biggest gaming and esports festival ever, sponsoring teams and players, offering instruction and training to aspiring gamers, and working with national and international partners. The development of esports academies, a national league, and esports-specific venues are some of the projects that are now under process.