If you’re an avid Destiny 2 player looking for ways to level up fast, then you’ve probably heard about Prime Engrams. These powerful items are essential for boosting your Power level, but they can be hard to come by in the game. In this article, I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Prime Engrams, how to get them, and what to expect from them.

Prime Engrams are unique and powerful items that will boost your gear’s Power level beyond the normal limits. They can be found in a variety of ways, including through random drops after killing enemies or completing activities like Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible matches. Once you obtain a Prime Engram, take it to Master Rahool in the Tower to decrypt it and claim your gear.

One thing to note is that Destiny 2 Prime Engrams have a soft cap that resets every week. This means that after a certain point, progress towards obtaining a Prime Engram will slow down. However, this reset happens every week, so you can always try again the following week. Keep playing and completing activities in the game, and you’ll eventually earn Prime Engrams and reach higher Power levels.

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Destiny 2 Prime Engram

As a seasoned Destiny 2 player, Prime Engrams are probably already on your radar. If not, you’re in luck because I’ll be showing you how to earn them.

Prime Engrams are powerful gear drops that are distinguished by their white and gold color scheme and have a higher gear score than other drops of equal rarity. They’re essential to have if you’re looking to level up quickly.

Here are a few ways to earn Destiny 2 Prime Engrams:

  1. Weekly powerful engram milestones: Complete various milestones such as Nightfall, Gambit, and Raids to earn Prime Engrams. Make sure you’re completing the Weekly milestones as they grant a higher chance of dropping Prime Engrams.
  2. Prime Engram drops: Random enemies in the world of Destiny 2 can drop Prime Engrams, so make sure you’re always grinding out Public Events, Lost Sectors, and other activities.
  3. Xûr, the exotic vendor: Xûr, the vendor that appears every week in a random location, offers a “Fated Engram” that guarantees an exotic item that you don’t already have. These engrams can also drop Prime Engrams.
  4. Infamy and Valor ranks: Play Gambit and Crucible to increase your Infamy and Valor ranks and earn powerful Prime Engram drops.
  5. Prime Attunement: After accumulating a certain amount of experience, players will earn a consumable called “Prime Attunement,” which increases the chances of Prime Engram drops for a short amount of time.

In conclusion, earning Destiny 2 Prime Engrams requires a bit of time and effort, but they’re absolutely worth it for their potential gear score. Make sure to complete your Weekly milestones, grind out various activities, visit Xûr every weekend, increase your Infamy and Valor ranks, and take advantage of Prime Attunement. Good luck out there, Guardian!

Tips And Tricks For Obtaining Prime Engrams

If you’re an avid Destiny 2 player, you know that Prime Engrams are some of the most coveted items in the game. These rare drops contain valuable gear that can help take your Guardian to new heights, but obtaining them isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help increase your chances of getting Prime Engrams:

  1. Increase Your Power Level

The higher your Power Level, the more likely you are to receive a Prime Engram. This is because the game calculates your chance of getting a Prime Engram based on your current Power Level compared to the maximum Power Level possible. In other words, the greater the gap between your current Power Level and the maximum Power Level, the higher your chance of getting a Prime Engram.

  1. Complete Powerful Gear Activities

Activities that award Powerful Gear are another way to increase your chances of getting Prime Engrams. These activities include Nightfall: The Ordeal, Crucible, Gambit, and more. Each time you complete a Powerful Gear activity, you also have a chance of getting a Prime Engram.

  1. Farm Lost Sectors

Lost Sectors are a great way to farm for Prime Engrams as they offer a higher chance of dropping them. The trick is to find Lost Sectors that you can complete quickly and easily. Some of the best Lost Sectors for farming Prime Engrams include The Empty Tank in the Tangled Shore and K1 Logistics on the Moon.

  1. Join A Fireteam

Playing with a fire team of friends or clan members can also increase your chances of getting Prime Engrams. This is because fire teams can complete activities faster and more efficiently, which means they have more chances to get Prime Engrams.

  1. Be Patient

Finally, it’s important to remember that getting Prime Engrams is all about luck. Even if you follow all of the tips and tricks outlined above, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a Prime Engram. So be patient and keep playing, and sooner or later, your luck will turn around.

In conclusion, obtaining Prime Engrams in Destiny 2 requires a combination of patience, strategy, and luck. Use the tips outlined in this article to increase your chances of getting these rare drops, and remember to have fun along the way!

Maximizing Your Rewards With Prime Engrams

As a Destiny 2 player, prime engrams are a valuable source of gear and power level boosts. Maximizing your rewards with prime engrams can help you progress through the game and perfect your loadout. In this section, I’ll share a few tips and strategies to help you make the most of your prime engrams.

  1. Grind the Right Activities: Prime engrams drop as a reward from a variety of activities in Destiny 2, including strikes, nightfalls, Gambit matches, and Crucible matches. However, not all activities have an equal chance of dropping prime engrams. To maximize your chances, focus your playtime on activities that have a high chance of dropping prime engrams. For example, you are more likely to get prime engrams from nightfall: the ordeal on more serious difficulties than from a regular strike.
  2. Powerful Rewards First: When you have prime engrams in your inventory, it’s important to decrypt them strategically. Prime engrams are powerful rewards that can boost your power level, but their benefits are calculated based on your current power level. To get the most out of your prime engrams, decrypt them AFTER decrypting any powerful rewards you have earned that week. This will ensure that your power level is as high as possible, making the prime engram’s rewards even more valuable.
  3. Join a Fireteam: Playing with a Fireteam can increase your chances of getting prime engrams since you’ll be able to clear activities faster and earn more loot. Additionally, fire teams get bonus rewards when completing certain activities, such as nightfalls, which can further increase your chances of getting prime engrams.
  4. Focus on Milestones: Completing daily and weekly milestones is another great way to earn prime engrams. Most milestones, such as completing a certain number of crucible matches or strikes, will reward you with a prime engram upon completion. Be sure to check your milestones regularly and focus on completing them whenever possible.

In conclusion, maximizing your rewards with prime engrams is all about playing strategically and focusing on activities that give you the best chance of getting the drops you need. By following these tips and strategies, you can make the most of your prime engrams and get the gear and power levels you need to succeed in Destiny 2.


To summarize, obtaining the Destiny 2 Prime Engram is essential for leveling up quickly and staying competitive in the game. With each weekly reset, players have the opportunity to earn powerful rewards in the form of Prime Engrams, which can provide much-needed gear upgrades and higher power levels.

Through careful planning and prioritization, players can maximize their chances of obtaining Prime Engrams by completing various activities, such as strikes, Gambit matches, Crucible matches, and public events. Moreover, participating in the “Prime Attunement” buff and unlocking powerful gear through the powerful engram also contributes to a higher chance of obtaining Prime Engrams.

As a seasoned player, I highly recommend focusing on acquiring Prime Engrams and being persistent in your efforts. It may take time, but the rewards are worth it. Lastly, always remember to enjoy the game and have fun while you play.