There are always new and exciting games on the horizon. Long-anticipated titles that keep avid gamers hooked and excited to see what will be delivered. This anticipation can sometimes pay off, as when games seem to land with the appropriate praise – like with Tears of the Kingdom or God of War Ragnarok – but it can also result in controversy and a more mixed response, as with the infamous case of Cyberpunk 2077.

In an effort to break the cycle of constantly feeling as though you’re waiting for something big to enjoy – why not just look to what’s already released? There is bound to be a huge range of gaming experiences you’ve yet to try, and what better chance than this?

Developer History

 There’s bound to be a game that you love above all others. If this is the case, it’s worth looking into the history of the developers who made the game. It could be their first game, but that’s likely not the case. Instead, you might find a whole library of other games that could appeal to your taste – especially if similar individuals worked on them. These might take similar forms and structures, as is the case with recent FromSoftware titles, but it could also be that the developer you had in mind has a much more varied catalog with a wide variety of genres, such as Obisidian. In either case, you’re bound to find something worth exploring.

Mobile Gaming

 The field of mobile gaming might not be something that you ever considered to look at for new gaming experiences – but if you’re really looking for something new, this might be the right place to go.

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Not only are there any number of exclusive mobile games, but there are also experiences like the games you find on a casino South Africa online. These might take the form of classic games that you’re already familiar with, such as slots or blackjack, but the digital setting gives the developers room to make the game shine in a way that they haven’t done before.

Part of the benefit of mobile gaming is being able to game wherever you are. This can make for a convenient way to pass the time, but it also means you have a form of entertainment wherever you go.

Remasters/Ports of Classics

 It might be that there is a huge number of games that you’ve heard of as being classics – but perhaps are put off by the fact that they’re older and visibly dated. With many of these titles receiving modern releases on consoles in the form of ports or remasters, they’re often available to you regardless of which console you prefer (including smartphone). However, it could be the age of these games that you find difficult to come to terms with. In this case, remember to be patient and to set your expectations graphically – if you can go in with an open mind, you might find a world worth exploring.

A Different Genre

 As with trying out mobile gaming, it’s worth looking at the console you regularly use for games in a genre that you wouldn’t normally try. This can make it hard to find a game that marks a good point of entry, as it’s not something familiar to you.

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 Looking to aggregate sites and online forums can give you a good idea of popular opinion in terms of critical reception – but it’s also important to think about your personal taste in other aspects. For example, the genre might not be familiar, but if a game has an aesthetic and tone that you connect with, it might pique your interest.

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