Since Blizzard Entertainment has set the release date on June 6, 2023, there has been much buzz around the game Diablo 4 right now. The hottest topic is supposed to be Server Slam beta. Every player is access to join the test to reach out their service and performance of the game. Now, try out all 5 classes and find out which one to pick.

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Barbarian – a Staple of Diablo

Every D4 player loves Barbarian, the most straightforward melee class! With screaming their warcries, the Barbarian’s great close-range damage enables them to leap down to smash the enemy like a beast. Their high-speed movement makes them stay on top of opponents as well, which means they can always dish out within the fight. Fury, which is gained when using basic attacks, and lost when out of combat, is their use for skills. When it comes to Barbarian builds, players often opt for either the “Berserker” build, focusing on maximizing damage output and critical strikes, or the “Tankard” build, prioritizing high health, armor, and crowd control resistance to become an unmovable force on the battlefield.

Barbarian’s Bleed Status Effects

This feature will increase damage resistance by 10%, which makes this class more beginner-friendly and easy to play. Actually, this effect promoted Barbarian to the easy-to-play class in many solo scenes, only except when facing enemies at long distances.

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The absence of effective ranged options in their skill try makes them the most struggling classes when dealing with foes with distance.

Weapon Arsenal Mechanic

Many abilities in the Diablo series may require a particular type of weapon, such as bludgeoning, two-handed, etc. But in this version, Barbarian will be an exception, who can swap their weapon accordingly to activate various abilities and cycle their attacks.

Rouge – Versatile and Challenge-to-Play

Compared with the wild-brutes battle machine, Rouge is not that beginner-friendly. In fact, this class is one of the most challenging characters, who is versatile and dexterity-based. Players should rely on their speedily dashing feature to avoid attacks with least expectation. So, rough is never afraid of foes with distance but close-range opponents.

Rouge’s Unique Specialization

  • Combo Points is the first Specialization unlocked after lev. 15 with completing the quest named “True Potential”. Unique has many effects activated by skills, which need the Combo Point as the usage (as same as Fury for Barbarian). Each basic attack fills up this new attack meter and will be shown above the skill bar. The mixed number of Combo Points is three.
  • Inner Sight is the second Specialization unlocked after lev. 20. This Specialization allows Rouge to mark certain enemies, and each attack towards the marked objects adds the Mana gauge. When this gauge is full, they obtain a four-second unlimited energy.

Imbue System – Frost, Shadow, and Poison

There are three Imbue types as the branch of Rogue’s skill tree. Players should select one of those imbuement skills to add that damage to their skills. The most powerful aspect is that this additional effect works to whatever skills they use next. In other words, Rogue’s skills can be imbued!

Necromancer – Balance of Playstyle

As the historical S-tier class since Diablo II, Necromancer does not have any significant downside for both close-range or distanced enemies. They have various methods to crash the evil, including raising undead minions, exploding corpses, and using the power of bone and poisons. Their blood magic can crowd-control groups and even convert health from damage.

Book of the Dead Minions

Skeletal Warriors is the first category of reapers with their first perk. They are divided into three categories: Skirmishers, Defenders, and Reapers. Skeletal Mages include Shadow, Cold, and Bone. Cold Mages, usually work with a second perk, are only for additional vulnerable effect and crowd-control. To compare with that, the Bone adds a huge chunk of damage that is overpowering as well, but the Blood Surge leads to a proc change.

Sorcerer – High Magic Damage and Long Range

As the general opposite of melees, such as Barbarian, in many RPGs, Sorcerers are capable of delivering substantial magic damage towards enemies within the incredibly high range.

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As the downside, they cannot take much hurt. This class is highly agree with those who are careful solo player, considering about their effective group-control ability with spells.

How Spells Make Use of Different Elements?

Sorcerers’ class-specific quest is called “Sorcerer: Legacy of the Magi.” This is the first slot to unlock their Spells, which enable the class to provide passive procs. Particularly, Frost Spells are effective for crowd control, in which the effects chill on whatever hits and slow down the speed of objects considerably. Fire Spells are usually for AOE (area-of-effect) Damage, with inflicting the burn effect. While Lightning spells create substantial damage to give vital hits to the objects.

Druid – Fairly Resilient with Good Crowd Control

As same as Barbarian, this class focuses on melee damage as well in most scenes. They can shift their shapes between Werewolf and Werebear. The former comes with high speed of attacking and huge damage, while the latter gives additional AOE and a stronger health pool. Meanwhile, this class also brings a little bit more resilience than some of the others (Rouge is not included). Instantly, they are not as tanky as Barbarian, but you can still soak up the damage with a centered build.

Animal Spirits

Druid’s Animal Spirits system not only gives the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or bear but also makes them have animals as companions. Players can pick one spirit from 4 each time, which provides unique bonuses called Boons.

Build Your Class Effectively

At the very beginning of this season, finding an effective way to achieve your class built means getting advanced in many aspects compared with peer players. After the Beta version, there are many guidance available for each class we talked about before. Based on their unique skill set and strengths, we highly suggest players employ the most time-saving method by getting the most use of classes’ features and consider their personal build after that.

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Find your best way to class build. Let’s meet in the endgame content of Diablo 4.