Ed Sheeran’s fans were thrilled when he announced the release of his latest single “Visiting Hours” on September 10th, 2021. This song is a tribute to his late friend Michael Gudinski, who passed away earlier this year. Ed Sheeran pours his heart out in the track, singing about the pain of losing someone he loved dearly.

“Visiting Hours” is a beautiful and touching song that showcases Ed Sheeran’s vocal and songwriting abilities. The lyrics offer an intimate look into Ed’s emotions and thoughts as he grapples with the loss of a friend. In addition, the track’s mellow acoustic guitar melody and Ed’s signature falsetto vocals make it a perfect tribute to Michael Gudinski.

The lovestruck jitters Ed Sheeran sings about in his new single are an ode to the bond he shared with his late friend. It’s clear from the lyrics that Michael positively influenced Ed and someone he held close to his heart. “Visiting Hours” is a reminder that love and loss are part of the human experience, and it’s comforting to know that even celebrities like Ed Sheeran can experience the same emotions as us.

The Meaning Behind Ed Sheeran’s New Single

Ed Sheeran’s latest single, “Visiting Hours,” is a captivating tribute to his late friend and mentor, Michael Gudinski. The song tells the story of Sheeran’s overwhelming emotions when visiting Gudinski’s hospital room shortly before his passing. In this section, we’ll delve deeper into the meaning of Sheeran’s touching new release and explore the emotions that inspired it.

The Lovestruck Jitters: In “Visiting Hours,” Sheeran describes falling in love and the jitters that come with it. The lyrics are infused with a sense of raw vulnerability as Sheeran grapples with the loss and pain of losing a close friend. The emotions are palpable as Sheeran tries to understand how he will move forward without his friend.

The Pain of Loss: Sheeran’s lyrics convey a deep sense of pain and mourning. The song’s opening lines, “I wish that heaven had visiting hours, so I could just show up and bring the news that she’s getting older,” set the tone for the rest of the piece. The lyrics continue to draw listeners in, inviting them to share in Sheeran’s journey as he navigates the pain of losing someone so close to him.

The Triumph of Love: Despite the sorrowful subject matter, “Visiting Hours” is ultimately a song about love overcoming pain. Sheeran’s voice is raw and vulnerable, his lyrics embodying the fear, confusion, and despair that come with loss. However, the beauty and vitality of Sheeran’s love with Gudinski shines through, inspiring and uplifting listeners.

Overall, Sheeran’s latest release is an intimate and deeply moving tribute to a beloved friend and mentor. “Visiting Hours” offers listeners an opportunity to share in Sheeran’s pain and his triumph over loss through the power of love.

Lyrics That Reflect Lovestruck Jitters

With his new single, “Visiting Hours,” Ed Sheeran intricately details the emotions and rituals involved in dealing with loss and ultimately letting go. However, the song’s lyrics also offer listeners an insight into the emotions of being in love and the anxiety that arises when trying to express those emotions. The lyrics are dotted with poetic imagery that perfectly encapsulates the lovestruck jitters that can be readily identified.

Here are some standout lyrics from “Visiting Hours” that reflect these feelings:

– “I wish that heaven had visiting hours, so I could just show up and bring good news”

– “I want to tell you that I love you, but does it matter if I can’t be with you”

– “All of these words, don’t make it better, but I have to try”

– “People fill the streets with laughter and I’m alone at home”

These lyrics encapsulate the feeling of love when someone is pining for the person they love, but they are not in a position to express their feelings or be with the person. So it’s easy to see how these lyrics could resonate with many people who have gone through similar situations.

The lyrics also reveal the frustration and helplessness that can arise when communicating difficult emotions. Especially when the other person may not feel the same way or would not welcome the affection.

ed sheeran details the lovestruck jitters in sweet new single …

Overall, Ed Sheeran has done an excellent job of communicating the lovestruck jitters in a single song. The heartbreaking lyrics are universal, and many people will identify with them at different times. It’s an incredibly well-written song, and Sheeran’s storytelling abilities are certainly on display in “Visiting Hours.”

Musical Style and Collaborators

In his sweet new single, “Bad Habits,” Ed Sheeran showcases his signature blend of pop and folk-style music with a touch of electronic sound. The song’s catchy and upbeat melody is a perfect match for the narrative of a lovestruck fool, struggling to break his habit of constantly chasing after his crush.

Sheeran’s style of blending different genres of music has been his USP throughout his career. He’s known for effortlessly blending pop, rock, folk, and hip-hop, making it his own. For “Bad Habits,” Sheeran teamed up with producer extraordinaire, Fred again, who brought a fresh perspective to the creation process. The duo’s collaborative efforts have resulted in a leaner, dancier sound.

The accompanying music video, directed by Dave Meyers, sees Sheeran leading a pack of crimson-clad vampire dancers, which fits perfectly with the song’s theme of addiction. The vampire element adds a unique touch to the video and amplifies the song’s message.

In addition to his collaboration with Fred again, Sheeran sought out songwriters and producers with a newfound energy in the London music scene to write “Bad Habits.” The result of this collaboration is a track that leaves you craving more.

Overall, “Bad Habits” has already proven to be an instant hit, accumulating millions of streams and topping music charts globally in its first week. It’s a testament to Sheeran’s musical abilities and his knack for creating chart-topping hits that resonate with listeners on a personal level.


In conclusion, Ed Sheeran’s latest single offers a refreshing take on love and relationships. The track’s poignant lyrics and catchy melody perfectly capture the feelings of uncertainty and excitement that come with falling in love.

Some of the key takeaways from this beautiful track include:

– “Visiting Hours” is a powerful ode to love and maintaining deep connections, even in the face of adversity.

– The song’s tender vocals and gentle instrumentals create a soothing, calming atmosphere that is sure to resonate with listeners.

– Through the track’s lyrics, Ed Sheeran showcases his vulnerability and raw emotions, making the song all the more relatable and heartwarming.

Overall, “Visiting Hours” is a testament to Ed Sheeran’s brilliant songwriting and musical talents. It is a must-listen for anyone looking to explore the complexities of love and relationships.

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