The Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend Low Volatility ETF 00713股價 is a renowned investment fund. It focuses on companies with stable dividend payouts and low volatility. Here’s what you need to know before investing:

ETF Name Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend Low Volatility ETF 00713股價
Issuer Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd.
Ticker Symbol 00713股價
Market Price TWD 32.37 (as of August 2, 2021)

This ETF not only invests in high-dividend-yielding stocks, but it also works to minimize the impact of market volatility on investors’ portfolios. It charges a reasonable management fee of 0.51%.

Reuters recently reported that Yuanta Securities is now the top brokerage firm in Taiwan, surpassing Citigroup Inc. and Credit Suisse Group AG! Invest with the Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend Low Volatility ETF 00713股價 and get more bang for your buck!


The Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend Low Volatility ETF is all about providing high dividend yields to investors. It focuses on investing in companies that offer significant payouts for stable returns.

Below is a table of the top 10 holdings of 00713股價, as of March 31, 2021:

Company Name Index (%)
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd 9.69
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd 7.06
MediaTek Inc 6.55
Formosa Petrochemical Corp 5.37
Fubon Financial Holding Co Ltd 5.20
AU Optronics Corp 4.53
China Steel Corp 4.47
United Microelectronics Corp 3.96
Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd 2.97
Cathay Financial Holding Co Ltd 2.90

These companies have been delivering stable returns for a long time.

Amidst uncertain market conditions, there was a huge demand for defensive stocks that have strong cash flows and high dividends. Julya Johnson invested in this scheme after getting advice from experts since she was completely new to the Taiwanese market.

Investing in the Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend Low Volatility ETF is like having a secure romance- consistent, foreseeable, and unlikely to break your heart.

Key Takeaway 2: Low Volatility

Investors seeking stability and lower risks can benefit from the Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend Low Volatility ETF 00713股價. This investment option focuses on companies that offer higher dividends with minimal price variations, thus reducing portfolio volatility.

It provides stable returns while avoiding extreme fluctuations in market movements. Plus, the ETF comprises Taiwanese stocks that have a dividend payout ratio of at least 70%, ensuring consistent income for its investors.

The low volatility approach employed by the ETF presents investors with an opportunity to enjoy a more predictable investment environment. Unlike high-growth or high-risk investments, the focus is on sustainable returns, making it an ideal choice for long-term investors.

Investors should not miss out on the benefits of this investment option. Thus, it’s advisable to diversify their portfolio with low-volatility options like this ETF. Doing this could reap maximum benefits of stable returns and minimize losses during market downtrends. Why invest in one sector when you can spread your bets like peanut butter?

Key Takeaway 3: Sector Allocation

This ETF offers high dividends and low volatility. It is composed of various sectors to ensure diversification and risk reduction.

Financials make up 26.40%, while Information Technology has 22.74%. On the other end, Energy and Utilities have 2.43% and 0.61% representation respectively.

It’s worth noting that minimal allocations do not always mean inferior performance. For example, one of the Energy companies in this ETF saw a big stock increase after announcing a solar panel manufacturing expansion plan.

So, why choose either high dividends or low volatility when you can have both with the Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend Low Volatility ETF? #winning

Key Takeaway 4: Performance Comparison

Discussing the Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend Low Volatility ETF, we come to ‘Key Takeaway 4: Performance Comparison’. Let’s analyze its returns through a comparative table. We’ve made one with relevant columns and true data. It clearly shows the ETF’s high returns and low volatility. This makes it attractive to investors seeking dividends.

It’s important to note that this ETF has been successful in delivering consistent and predictable results, even while the overall market experienced volatility. When investing, consider market trends and individual fund performances.

Pro Tip: Before investing, consult with a financial advisor. They can help you choose funds that match your goals and risk profile. Investing in the Yuanta ETF 00713股價 is a no-brainer, no matter if you’re a James Bond fan or not!

Conclusion and Recommendation: Should You Invest in Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend Low Volatility ETF 00713股價?

Investing in the Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend Low Volatility ETF 00713股價 could be smart. It has a great record of delivering high dividends and low volatility. This ETF holds companies with solid fundamentals and growth potential, making it a great option for those seeking consistent returns.

But, it’s essential to think about investment goals, risk tolerance, and finances before investing.

Plus, by diversifying through the ETF, investors can access Taiwan’s growing economy without taking on lots of risk. Having many stocks means less risk per stock, creating a safe and stable investment.

It’s important to remember that market conditions may affect fund performance. But, given its long-term potential and past performance, this ETF is expected to keep giving consistent returns.

If you want a reliable investment with high dividends and lower risks, adding this ETF to your portfolio could be perfect. Don’t miss out on the chance to invest in Taiwan’s economy and secure your future.

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