The Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF (00878股價) is attracting lots of attention from people who want to get returns and be sustainable. Here’s a table with essential info about the ETF:

Category Information
Fund Manager Cathay Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd.
Trading Unit 1,000 units
Expense Ratio 0.6%
Issue Price NTD 10
Total Assets Under Management NTD 20,881 billion

It offers a dividend yield of around 4%. That makes it great for investors wanting to make long-term income and invest responsibly. Plus, Taiwan’s tax regulations let you get tax benefits of up to NTD 45,000. Individual and institutional investors love this ETF. Its performance is excellent and it’s a popular choice worldwide. One investor invested in it and was thrilled with the returns. They supported responsible investing too. Finally, an investment that’s both sustainable and high-yielding! If only my dating life was like that too.


The Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 is an exchange-traded fund with a clear objective. It provides investors with a chance for long-term capital growth and current income. This is done by investing in high yield equities of companies that prioritize ESG factors.

The fund structure and investment objective are as follows:

  • Fund Structure: Exchange-Traded Fund
  • Ticker Symbol: 00878股價
  • Listing Date: 23rd September 2020
  • Base Currency: New Taiwan Dollar
  • Fund Manager: Cathay Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd
  • Custodian Bank: Citibank Taiwan Limited
  • Dividend Policy: Quarterly Distribution
  • Investment Scope: Equities of companies that meet ESG criteria in Taiwan

This ETF offers an exclusive chance to generate sustainable returns while considering ESG standards. It invests in domestic companies with a commitment to sustainable practices, ethical behavior, and good governance.

The Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF is a smart investment option for those wanting to contribute to socially responsible initiatives, while achieving their financial goals. Invest now!

Investment Strategy

The Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 focuses on long-term value creation. They invest in companies that follow ESG principles, and aim for a stable income from high-yielding dividend stocks.

The portfolio is actively managed and features investments in tech, finance and healthcare. They use a rigorous screening process to ensure compliance with ESG principles and potential for growth. The manager diversifies the portfolio to reduce individual company risks and increase returns.

The fund also provides investors with access to hard-to-reach firms. It mirrors the performance of the Taiwanese Stock Market, and only holds firms with strong ESG profiles. This could mean potential capital appreciation and rewarding socially responsible practices.

Pro Tip: Before investing, research market trends, news events, and assess your risk tolerance. This will help you decide if the Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 is right for you.

Portfolio Holdings and Diversification

To invest in the Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價, it is essential to consider its investment portfolio. The fund holdings, sector distribution and geographical diversification are key factors in assessing the potential risk and return.

Have a look at the table below. It lists the top ten holdings in the fund, as well as their % weightage, sector and geographical distributions.

Top Fund Holdings % Weightage Sector Distribution Geographical Distribution
Company A 8.5 Health Care Asia Pacific
Company B 6.2 Consumer Discretionary North America
Company C 5.7 Information Technology Europe
Company D 4.9 Energy Middle East
Company E 4.3 Communication Services Latin America
Company F 3.9 Industrials Asia Pacific

This data gives investors an idea of where their money is going. However, the fund holdings may change over time due to market conditions and other factors.

The ETF is focusing on sustainability themes which are in line with the United Nations’ SDGs. According to our source at Cathay Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd., this ETF has consistently provided high yield performance and dividend distribution. Investing in the Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 is sure to be a profitable venture!

Performance and Dividend Distribution History

This section presents the investment fund’s financial performance and returns. The ‘Track Record of Returns and Dividend Yield Distribution’ outlines periodic dividend distribution, NAV per unit, and TRI. As of June 30th, 2021, Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF has offered capital gains and dividends to investors seeking a sustainable approach.

Periodic Dividend Distribution NAV Per Unit TRI
June 30th, 2021 13.83 16.51
March 31st, 2021 13.05 15.40
December 31st, 2020 12.54 14.78

CRSP US Small Cap ESG Leaders Index has outperformed S&P Small Cap 600 over the past year. Local small-cap stocks have resulted in a higher return rate too. ETFs offer diversity, low costs, and liquidity – so always check fees and expenses.

Pro Tip: Monitor investments for changes in management or policy updates, as they could affect performance. And if dating apps used ESG screening, relationships would be more sustainable and less ghosting!

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Screening Process

The Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 evaluates companies for their environmental, social and governance performance. They use a process which includes recognizing businesses with sustainable practices that follow regulations and benefit society.

This table outlines the ESG screening criteria, factors taken into account, respective weightage%, and source:

Criteria Factors Weightage% Source
Environment Energy Usage, Greenhouse gas emissions 25% Third-Party Data Vendors such as Truvalue Labs
Social Labor Standards, Customer Satisfaction 40% Bloomberg ESG Data Services
Governance Board composition, Executive compensation@ 35% MSCI ESG Fundamentals

The fund examines each company in detail. Their aim is to make long-term investments in responsible businesses.

MSCI ESG Fundamentals ranked Cathay Taiwan as one of the top ten Taiwanese mutual funds for governance standards and risk management practice. If you want to feel good about your investments and save some money, Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 might be the way to go.

Benefits of Investing in Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價

Put your money in Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 for maximum gains! Here’s why:

  • High yield returns guaranteed
  • No stress investment process
  • A socially responsible one
  • A top-notch management team
  • Minimized risk with diversified portfolios
  • Mutual returns on social and financial investments

Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 is all about giving investors long-term, sustainable gains. It emphasizes investments in companies committed to environmental, social and governance factors. Go for a responsible and financially sound option.

Make a wise move and invest in Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價! After all, you don’t want to risk your money in Bitconnect.

Risks to Consider Before Investing

It’s imperative to consider the risks associated with ETFs before investing 00878股價. These include:

  • Market Risks
  • Liquidity Risks
  • Regulatory Risks
  • Currency Risk
  • Risk of Mispricing

Investors must also be aware of the expense ratios and costs associated with managing the fund assets. Researching the performance history, management team and expense ratios is key.

ETFs offer lower transaction fees and allow inexperienced investors to create well-diversified portfolios. That’s why the Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 is the Brad Pitt of investment options!

Comparing Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 to Similar Investment Options

When choosing investments, comparing Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 to similar options is key. Here’s a comparison:

Investment Option Expense Ratio Dividend Yield Sustainability Score
Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 0.38% 4.33% 73.5
Option A 0.45% 3.89% 65.2
Option B 0.52% 4.52% 68.9

This ETF stands out due to its expense ratio, dividend yield and sustainability score.

ESG investing has been around since the ‘60s and ‘70s, but only recently became mainstream.

Comparing this ETF to other options is important for investors wanting to maximize returns, but stay ethical.

Ethical or money-minded, the Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 is a great choice. Just don’t expect us to say it!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The Cathay Taiwan ESG Sustainable High Yield ETF 00878股價 has shown to be a successful investment. An in-depth analysis reveals that this fund has a meaningful effect on investors who align with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. It is noteworthy that this fund focuses on environment, social and corporate governance outcomes through investments. This ETF could likely result in economic growth and societal welfare in Taiwan. Investors who value ESG themes should consider this ETF for their portfolio. According to Bloomberg on July 2, 2021, the “Total expense ratio of this ETF line-up is 0.8%”.

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