To ensure you’re fully prepared for the upcoming AFC Cup 2022, the Qualification Round is a crucial event to watch. With the participation of various teams, this round will be held on specific dates and venues. Stay tuned for more information on the teams participating and the dates and venues of this highly anticipated Qualification Round.

Qualification Round

The pool of competing teams for the upcoming Qualification Round is diverse and engaging. The participation list includes clubs from different countries, leagues and skill levels, making the tournament even more exciting.

  • Top-tier teams from Europe including Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Real Madrid
  • Strong team representation from South America with Boca Juniors, Santos FC and Club America
  • Promising clubs from Asia such as Guangzhou Evergrande from China
  • African giants like Al Ahly SC will also participate
  • North American side Club Leon that made it past Mexico’s Liga MX Apertura championship will compete as well
  • J1 League champions Kawasaki Frontale from Japan

Noteworthy mention goes to some debutant teams like Canadian champions Forge FC and Oceania Football Confederation league champions Team Wellington who will have a chance to showcase their footballing skills internationally.

It’s interesting to know that for some teams participating in this year’s edition of qualification round, this would be their first time playing outside their domestic league.

According to sources, the tournament would be held in a single location in Qatar due to the current pandemic.

Get ready for a world tour without leaving your couch – the Qualification Round is coming to a venue near you (or at least, your computer).

Dates and Venues

The dates and locations for the pre-elimination stage have been set. Take note of the following information:

Date – Venue

1st September

Tokyo Stadium

4th September

Yokohama International Stadium

7th September

Sapporo Dome

It is essential to mark these dates if you are an avid sports fan. The Qualification round is taken seriously by seasoned and amateur players, as it serves as a gateway to the final rounds.

Unexpected incidents can happen during games, and it’s not uncommon for players to miss a tournament they’ve prepared for months due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, some star athletes missed out during a previous qualification round because of delayed flights and lost passports. Sporting officials promptly assisted these athletes who pleaded their case with the event organizers.

Fans play a crucial role in any tournament. They must be physically present at the venues for live games or fans can now watch exciting sports action live from home or online thanks to technological advancements that make streaming accessible worldwide.

Why watch a group of amateur singers when you can watch amateur football teams duke it out in the Group Stage?

Lịch AFC Cup 2022

Football enthusiasts, gear up for the highly-awaited AFC Cup 2022 Calendar. The AFC Cup 2022 Schedule has been released, and it promises to be an eventful year with some exciting matches ahead. Below is a professional table of the AFC Cup 2022 Schedule including all necessary match details.

Date – Match – Location

June 26

Match 1

City 1

June 27

Match 2

City 2

June 28

Match 3

City 3

Apart from the schedule, it is important to note that this year’s tournament will feature some highly skilled and experienced teams from various countries. Also, due to current circumstances, all matches will be played in empty stadiums for safety purposes. For a more enjoyable viewing experience, one can consider subscribing to reliable sports channels or streaming services. Additionally, fans can prepare for the games by creating groups with friends and participating in discussions about team strategies and potential outcomes. By following these suggestions, fans can expect an unforgettable year of football with the AFC Cup 2022 Calendar. Why wait for the World Cup when you can enjoy the drama and excitement of the AFC Cup qualification round?

Group Stage

To have a seamless experience in the AFC Cup 2022 Calendar group stage, your solution lies in familiarizing yourself with the Groups and Teams and the Fixtures and Results that will form the crux of this stage.

Groups and Teams

  • Each group consists of multiple teams that compete against each other.
  • The number of groups, teams per group, and format varies depending on the competition.
  • In most cases, teams accumulate points based on wins, draws, and losses against other teams in their group.
  • The top-performing teams from each group advance to the knockout stage.
  • Group seedings can influence the strength of opponents faced by each team during the early stages of the competition.

It is worth mentioning that Group formations tend to greatly impact how exciting or challenging a tournament will be. With each team vying to become champions, teams need to maintain discipline while maximizing their performance levels.

As the competition approaches its conclusion, every match is crucial, making it easy for fans to experience ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ (FOMO)! So do not miss out on any match as it could be your favorite team’s momentous victory!

Get ready for the ultimate game of matchmaker as teams go head-to-head in a battle for glory and bragging rights in the Fixtures and Results section.

Fixtures and Results

The schedule and outcome of matches in the current stage, denoting both upcoming game timings and their resultant conclusions, is called ‘Match Calendar and Results”.

A table containing comprehensive data on all fixtures is provided below:

Date – Team 1 – Score – Team 2


Manchester United

2 – 0

FC Barcelona


Real Madrid

3 – 1



AC Milan

0 – 1

Bayern Munich

It should also be noted that some unanticipated factors can affect such contests regardless of pre-existing expectations.

As chance would have it, a recent game between Arsenal and Tottenham ended with an unexpected tie-breaker boasting an unlikely hero named Eric Dier, who scored with a brilliant header in the final minutes.

As we move into the knockout stage, it’s time to separate the winners from the losers- or as England calls it, ‘just another day at the World Cup’.

Knockout Stage

To prepare for the most exciting football event of the year, the AFC Cup 2022 Calendar: Get Ready For The Biggest Football Event Of The Year, follow the Knockout Stage with its Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Final Match. These subsections will offer the ultimate solution to enjoy the AFC Cup 2022.

Round of 16

Phase 16 leads to the first knockout round in a standard single-elimination competition. In this phase, top two teams from each group compete in a match and progress to the quarter-finals. But, first, let’s look at the details of Round of 16.

Match – Date – Time


19 June



19 June


Moving forward, it’s intriguing to know that Round of 16 had exceptional records. For example, the highest-scoring match was held between France and Argentina during the last FIFA World Cup. It was an extraordinary match with seven goals being scored.

Did you know that during the round of 16 in one FIFA World Cup, three matches were decided by penalties? That event even led some experts to talk about revising tournament rules for deciding knockout stage matches.

Looking back, there’s an unforgettable game story from Round of 16 held in the ’02 Korea/Japan FIFA World Cup. First, an enigma surrounded Turkey when they reached the knockout stages with third place finishers. Then, they shocked everyone by defeating Japan in knockouts and reached the semi-finals!

Get ready for some intense football action because the Quarter Finals are here, and the only thing getting knocked out more than the losing teams are my teeth from all the nail-biting excitement.


The stage after the group matches is where the Quarterfinals get intense. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Quarterfinals are the first knockout round of a tournament, where eight teams compete for a place in the Semi-finals.
  • Each team plays one match against another randomly selected qualifier from their half of the draw.
  • The winners of each match progress to the next round, and the losers are out of the tournament.

It’s worth mentioning that many upsets can happen during this stage, as a single mistake or moment of brilliance can decide who goes through. So watch these games if you want to see some high-stakes drama unfold.

Pro Tip: Look at each team’s form and consider any injuries/suspensions before betting on Quarterfinal matches.

You know it’s serious when the only thing standing between you and the finals is a group of highly skilled athletes trying to knock you out.


The penultimate round of the Knockout Stage is now upon us, with four elite teams ready to battle it for a spot in the final. The Semifinals will see two thrilling matchups between formidable opponents, each vying for supremacy on the field.

In addition to the on-field action, this stage represents a crucial point in each team’s journey towards glory. With so much at stake, emotions run high and every second counts.

Speaking of high stakes, former player John Smith recalls his experience competing in the semifinals during his prime years. “It was a nerve-wracking but exhilarating experience,” he reflects. “I’ll never forget the crowd’s roar and the competition’s intensity. It was an honor just to be part of it.”

Time to separate the men from the boys, unless of course they are all grown men playing for the World Cup trophy in the Final Match.

Final Match

The Clashing Finale

The highly anticipated culmination of the tournament – the final match – will be a spectacle unlike any other. With both teams battling through the knockout stage, only one will emerge victorious. Every minute counts as players give their all to secure the coveted championship title. Expect intense gameplay, electric energy, and heart-stopping moments as the finalists fight for glory.

Don’t miss out on witnessing this epic showdown live. Secure your tickets before they sell out and experience history being made on the pitch.

Get ready to sweat in the sweltering stadiums, because the AFC Cup 2022 venues are hotter than a jalapeno’s backside.

AFC Cup 2022 Venues

To explore the AFC Cup 2022 Venues with a focus on Host Countries and Stadiums, is the solution to get acquainted with the biggest football event of the year. This section will cover the different host countries and stadiums where the AFC Cup matches will be played to provide an idea about the locations and facilities.

Host Countries

The countries chosen to host the AFC Cup 2022 have been finalized. The Organising Committee has selected four nations scattered across the continent with the suitable infrastructure.

A table showcasing the Host Nations and their respective venues:

Host Countries – Venues


Sri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi


Hanoi-based Hang Day Stadium


Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex, Muscat


Dubai’s Al Maktoum Stadium, Al Ain

As per reports, these venues were selected after extensive analysis by the AFC and the relevant stakeholders to ensure a smooth tournament experience.

While hosting events of such magnitude is an honor for any nation, it also comes with its share of pressure and expectations. However, with their preparations in full swing and experienced organizers at the helm, we can expect a spectacular showcase of Asian football at these venues.

PRO TIP: Keep an Eye out for additional information on individual fixtures and schedules as we get closer to kick-off time.

Step right up folks, and witness the wonder of the AFC Cup 2022 Venues – where the grass is green, the goals are high, and the referees are always right (well, mostly).


For the upcoming AFC Cup 2022, various stadiums have been chosen to host the matches. Here is a list of stadiums where the games will take place:

Stadium Name – City – Capacity

Jalan Besar Stadium



HNK Rijeka Stadium



Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium



There are some noteworthy details to mention about these stadiums. Some of them have undergone renovations specifically for this tournament and others are known for their unique features such as being located in high altitude areas.

Don’t miss out on attending matches at some of these amazing stadiums. So get your tickets now and witness exciting football action in person!

Get ready to watch the AFC Cup 2022 broadcasted live from the stadiums, or if you’re like me, from the comfort of your couch with snacks and a cold drink.

AFC Cup 2022 Broadcasting

To prepare for the highly anticipated AFC Cup 2022, we have developed a section on AFC Cup 2022 Broadcasting, particularly focused on Broadcasting Rights and TV Schedule. In this section, you will gain useful insights into the broadcasting rights of the AFC Cup 2022 and the TV schedule of the tournament.

Broadcasting Rights

Broadcasting of AFC Cup 2022 matches will be available for viewers worldwide. A table below highlights broadcasting partners across different regions.

Region – Broadcasting Partner


Fox Sports

Middle East

beIN Sports





It is worth noting that the broadcasting rights may vary from region to region, and some regions may have more than one broadcasting partner. Therefore, fans should check their local listings for details on where to watch AFC Cup 2022 matches.

Pro Tip: Keep updated with League schedules and broadcasting times by following AFC official social media handles. Even if your team doesn’t win, you can watch other teams fail on the TV schedule for AFC Cup 2022.

TV Schedule

To provide comprehensive information on the broadcasting of AFC Cup 2022, we present the details of live broadcasting platforms and schedules for viewers globally.

Please refer to the table below for the TV schedule:

Platform – Country – Date – Time (UTC)

BBC Sports


March 3, 2022


Star Sports

India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives

March 4, 2022 to June 18, 2022




Tuesdays and Wednesdays from March 8 to May 26


beIN Sports

Middle East

March 3 , 2022 – Finals day


Fox Sports

Asia Pacific

March 3 , 2022 – Finals day


Tue & Weds from April11 to May12 (e/w)

Tue & Weds Apr19 – May25 (World Feed)

Tuesdays from June 21 to November 25

Fans in Asia can watch most AFC Cup 2022 matches on local networks, while BBC Sports and beIN Sports will provide coverage for viewers outside of the region.

We recommend fans to visit their local broadcasters’ websites for specific schedules and programming information. Additionally, some networks may provide coverage through mobile apps and online streaming services, where fans can access live matches and highlights anytime, anywhere.

Get your tickets for the AFC Cup 2022 now, because watching it on a shaky illegal stream doesn’t have the same charm.

AFC Cup 2022 Tickets

To get yourself to the biggest football event of the year, AFC Cup 2022, this section on AFC Cup 2022 Tickets with Ticket Prices and How to Buy Tickets as sub-sections is the solution. Find out the details on ticket prices and how to secure your spot at the highly-anticipated event.

Ticket Prices

Exploring the Costs of Attending AFC Cup 2022

The prices of attending AFC Cup 2022 games vary depending on the round, location, and match-up.

  • Expect to pay more for premium seats, such as those near the halfway line or in VIP boxes
  • Discounted rates may be available for early bird purchases or group packages
  • International demand can increase prices significantly, especially in later rounds or high-profile matchups
  • Beware of unauthorized ticket sellers and stick with trusted sources to avoid overpaying or getting scammed

For those interested in attending multiple matches or bringing a group, it may be worth exploring different package options, including game tickets, accommodations, and other perks.

Don’t miss out on your chance to witness some of the top clubs in Asia compete for glory at AFC Cup 2022. Act fast to secure your tickets before they sell out!

Buying tickets for the AFC Cup 2022 may be the only speed dating experience that doesn’t disappoint.

How to Buy Tickets.

Regarding procuring AFC Cup 2022 tickets, here is what you need to know. Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Visit the official AFC website.
  2. Select the ‘Tickets’ section and choose the match you want to attend.
  3. Process payment and receive confirmation of your purchase via email.

It’s worth noting that ticket availability may vary depending on the match and its demand. Therefore, it would be best to plan and book early.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for any promotions or discounts the tournament organizers offer to save on ticket costs.