Scrabble allows players to exercise their vocabulary and play with words that contain the letters “Ve.” Here are six points about Scrabble Accepted Words That Contain Ve:

  • The word “vega” is a Scrabble-approved word. It refers to a bright star in the constellation Lyra.
  • Other acceptable words include “cave,” “move,” and “rove”.
  • “Veejay,” a disc jockey, is an allowable term.
  • The juicy fruit called “guava” is another permissible option.
  • “Pervade,” meaning to spread throughout, can also be played.
  • Finally, one of the highest scoring V-E plays is the musical term “adagio”.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that using said words strategically can increase one’s chances of winning. For example, if placed strategically on the board, palindromes such as “deified” and “reviver” lead to more points.

The history of Scrabble dates back to 1938 when an architect named Alfred Mosher Butts started tinkering with letter tiles and point values in his free time. By 1948, James Brunot streamlined and standardized the rules, changing the game forever. Today it remains a timeless classic enjoyed by people from various backgrounds worldwide. So get your game face on and start practicing these Scrabble accepted words containing ‘ve’ – because victory is just one well-placed tile away.

List of Scrabble Accepted Words Containing Ve

To expand your Scrabble vocabulary, turn to this section that lists out Scrabble accepted words containing “Ve”. With the solutions titled “Words starting with Ve,” “Words ending with Ve,” and “Words containing Ve in the middle,” you’ll have an array of choices to choose from.

Words starting with Ve

Starting with ‘Ve’, the Scrabble Accepted Words list includes fascinating and useful terms. Here are five key points to keep in mind when playing your next game:

  1. The word ‘vegetate’ is worth 13 points, making it a great option for double-letter tiles.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of ‘veranda’, a seven-letter word worth 12 points.
  3. Add’ viewed’ to your vocabulary if you struggle to use all your vowels. It’s worth 13 points!
  4. Looking for a Q word that starts with Ve? Try ‘quevedo’, which means “a tropical American fruit.” It’s worth an impressive 20 points.
  5. Finally, remember that pluralizing words is always an option – ‘venues’ is a valid Scrabble term worth eight points!

What sets these words apart from other Scrabble options? Not only do they give you valuable letter combinations, but they also showcase uncommon vocabulary that can help expand your linguistic horizons. So add these ‘Ve’-starting words to your repertoire for a more competitive game.

For even more ways to elevate your Scrabble strategy, consider trying unconventional tactics such as using prefixes or rearranging existing words. With practice and ingenuity, you’ll be racking up impressive scores in no time. For example, if you thought there were only a few words ending with ‘ve’, prepare to be pleasantly surpri-ve-d!

Words ending with Ve

Providing a comprehensive insight into Scrabble Accepted Words concluding with the letters ‘Ve’.

Words ending with Ve:

  • Active
  • Ave
  • Clove
  • Dove
  • Evasive
  • Gave

Notably, these words will assist you in winning high scores in Scrabble games.

Pro Tip: Memorize high-point-value words, like the ones ending in ‘Ve’, to increase your odds of winning.

Ve-ni, vidi, vici – words containing ‘ve’ are the conquerors of Scrabble boards!

Words containing Ve in the middle

Players seeking to expand their vocabulary can find respite in words that contain Ve in the middle. Here are three examples:

  • Shriveled
  • Dovecot
  • Louvered

These words, approved for Scrabble use, allow players to use their diverse word skills while scoring big.

Additionally, many other words containing ‘Ve’ could serve as potential winning terms for Scrabble players.

Interestingly, did you know that Scrabble was invented by Alfred M. Butts in 1938 and sold to Selchow & Righter?

It’s not just about finding words with ‘Ve’, it’s about strategically placing them on triple word scores to dominate your opponents in Scrabble.

Scrabble Strategies for Words Containing Ve

To improve your Scrabble strategies for words containing ‘Ve’, use high-scoring letters, prefixes and suffixes with ‘Ve’, and place it strategically for double or triple-word score. These sub-sections will provide you with a solution to construct higher-scoring words and increase your chances of winning in Scrabble.

is ve a scrabble word

Scoring High with Words Containing Ve in Scrabble

Words containing the letters ‘Ve’ can score high in Scrabble. Here are some strategies to use them effectively on the board.

WordPoint ValueDefinition

Jive        14        To dance or perform to lively music

Verve        11        Vitality and enthusiasm

Hove        10        Stay still or hover

Wove        10        Interlace or entwine

Using these words will not only help your overall score but can also trap your opponent’s options by limiting their moves.

Additionally, incorporating these words into your game may seem suggestive at first glance, but expanding one’s vocabulary and gaining new perspectives makes it well worth exploring.

Don’t miss out on potentially securing a win with Ve-containing words! Instead, incorporate them into your Scrabble strategy today.

“Ve-ni, Vidi, Vici” – mastering prefixes and suffixes with Ve in Scrabble!

Use of prefixes and suffixes with Ve

If you’re a Scrabble enthusiast, you may wonder how to incorporate words containing the letters ‘Ve’ into your gameplay. One strategy is to use prefixes and suffixes, which can significantly increase your score.

For instance, adding the prefix ‘re-‘ to ‘vein’ creates ‘rein’, a valid and higher-scoring word. Similarly, suffixes like ‘-ive’ or ‘-ment’ can turn basic words like ‘have’ or ‘love’ into more complex and valuable ones.

Here’s a breakdown of some possible word combinations using the letters ‘Ve’:

PrefixRoot WordSuffix

Re-        Vein        -ed

Un-        Vest        -ing

In-        Verb        -ly

Over-        Very        -ness

It’s important to note that not all combinations will form valid words, so make sure to consult a Scrabble dictionary beforehand.

In addition, other factors like board placement and surrounding tiles can also impact your ability to use these strategies effectively.

Remember: mastering these tricks could mean the difference between a win and a loss in your next Scrabble game!

So if you want to level up your Scrabble skills and impress your opponents with clever wordplay, start experimenting with prefixes and suffixes for words containing ‘Ve’.

Want to score big in Scrabble? Just remember, placing your Ve in the right spot can lead to a double-word or triple-word score, and your opponents’ eternal frustration.

Placement of Ve for double-word or triple-word score

When strategizing in Scrabble, players must consider placement of the letters to gain maximum points. Specifically, words containing “Ve” offer an opportunity for double-word or triple-word scores. Check out the table below for examples:

WordDouble-Word ScoreTriple-Word Score

Gave        18        27

Verve        14        21

Mauve        10        15

It’s important to note that placing “Ve” strategically is not always possible. However, it increases your chances of winning when it can be done. So, keep an eye out for potential placements and capitalize on them.

Don’t miss out on scoring opportunities in Scrabble! With proper strategy and attention to detail, words containing “Ve” can provide a significant advantage during gameplay.

Ve, the ever-useful two-letter word in Scrabble. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of the game, except instead of a corkscrew, it’s got vowels.

Commonly Used Words Containing Ve in Scrabble

To explore commonly used words containing “ve” in Scrabble, you can benefit from understanding the different types of words. Adjectives and adverbs, nouns and proper nouns, and verbs are the three sub-sections we will cover. By examining the characteristics and usage of these types of words, you can gain an advantage in your Scrabble gameplay.

Adjectives and adverbs

In Scrabble, words containing “ve” can be used as adjectives and adverbs. These words can significantly increase your score, especially if they are strategically placed on bonus squares. In addition, these words can add variety to your usual gameplay and help you improve your vocabulary. However, it’s important to note that some of these words may be uncommon or specific to certain industries or regions, so it’s vital to understand the meanings before playing them.

Furthermore, some notable ve-containing adjectives include aggressive, assertive, compassionate, competitive, creative, elusive, curious, and informative. These words can describe actions or behaviors of people or things. For instance, using the word “elusive” to describe an opponent’s moves adds a layer of cleverness and intrigue to the game.

Additionally, ve-containing adverbs like positively, negatively, selectively, respectfully are also commonly used by players. These adverbs can change the entire meaning of a sentence and highlight nuances that might not be evident otherwise.

Moreover statistics suggest that the word with the highest score for this letter combination is Reverberative with 21 points. This unique word refers to sound waves’ lingering echo or resonance effect.

Interestingly enough when Scrabble was first introduced in 1938 it failed commercially due to lack of publicity. However, once Macy’s department store in New York City began selling it board games took off!

Ve a little faith in your Scrabble skills, and you’ll be ve-nominal at using nouns and proper nouns containing the letter ‘Ve’.

Nouns and proper nouns

To discuss nouns and proper nouns containing ‘Ve’ in Scrabble, here’s a detailed breakdown of the most common words. The following table illustrates some examples with scores to help players maximize their points:


Vegetable        14

Vestige        11

Velocity        16

Venerable        15

Venture        5

It’s worth noting that “Ve” is also an excellent two-letter word, which can help build longer terms and earn additional points. For instance, players can form words such as “Ave,” “Dev”, and “Eve.” These short words may not have high scoring value individually, but they could lead to significant victories when played strategically.

Pro Tip: Scrabble is a strategy game; thus, players should consider different combinations of letters and their corresponding scores while playing. Adding ‘ve’ to a verb in Scrabble is like adding seasoning to a dish – it just makes it more flavorful and satisfying to play.


Verbalize your Play: Words with ‘Ve’ in Scrabble

Using words that include the letters ‘Ve’ in Scrabble can be an effective strategy. Here are five commonly used verbs with these letters:

  • Achieve: to complete a task or reach a goal.
  • Believe: to have faith or trust in something.
  • Leave: to depart from a place or situation.
  • Improve: to make something better than before.
  • Move: to change position or location.

In addition to these popular options, many other strong verb choices contain ‘Ve’. For example, the word ‘persevere’ has dual V’s and adds an E for potential bonus points.

When playing with verbal ingenuity, it is important not to miss opportunities for high-scoring moves. For example, consider using a word like ‘reverberate’, which contains two triple score squares on the board if played correctly.

Expand your Scrabble play by employing verbs featuring ‘Ve’. You can gain an advantage over your opponents with strategic planning and a well thought out vocabulary list.

‘Ve’ may only be worth four points in Scrabble, but with these advanced strategies, you can earn a victory so sweet, it’s almost as satisfying as revenge.

Advanced Scrabble Strategies Using Ve

To improve your Scrabble game, explore advanced scrabble strategies using Ve. Creating longer words using Ve, building parallel words using Ve, and utilizing less common letter tiles with Ve-containing words are some sub-sections that can help you improve your Scrabble game. These strategies can help you score more points, increase your vocabulary, and ultimately improve your chances of winning.

Creating longer words using Ve

Ve is a useful Scrabble tile that can be utilized to create longer words and increase score. Follow these 3 simple steps to enhance gameplay:

  1. Utilize Ve as a prefix or suffix to lengthen existing words.
  2. To maximize points, combine Ve with high-scoring tiles such as Q, X, or Z.
  3. Consider word patterns and combinations using Ve, such as “vegetate”, “vegan”, or “verdant”.

It may also be useful for advanced players to prioritize longer words instead of short plays for maximum score potential.

Fun fact: The highest recorded Scrabble score was achieved by Michael Cresta in 2006 with a final score of 830 points.

Ve-ni, vidi, ve-ci – building parallel words using Ve is the key to victory!

Building parallel words using Ve

Creating Parallel Words by Utilizing “Ve” in a Scrabble Game

To enhance your gameplay, consider building parallel words using “Ve” as a strategic technique. Placing this two-letter word at the end or beginning of a longer one makes it possible to create two new parallel words. This approach increases the chance of scoring more points while utilizing the board’s existing letters.

Below is an example table demonstrating how to implement this strategy:

WordCreated Parallel Words

LOVE        VELO (bike) and LOVER

FIVE        VIE (compete) and FIVER

MOVE        VETO and MOVES

For instance, by using LOVE as the base word and adding VELO and LOVER [LVOE+VELO/LOVE+R], players can score seven additional points. Similarly, using FIVE with VIE and FIVER [FVIE+E/FIVE+R] yields six extra points.

Additionally, note that Ve can also be used in between words if they form valid combinations. This approach may result in significant point gains when calculating word scores.

To maximize your game performance, practice implementing these tips during gameplay sessions. Be sure to utilize them with precision and other strategic approaches such as creating bingos or capitalizing on high-point tiles for optimal results.

Ve it or leave it – incorporating those pesky uncommon tiles into your Scrabble game.

Utilizing less common letter tiles with Ve-containing words

The potential of Ve-containing words in Scrabble can be maximized by integrating less common letter tiles during gameplay. Through this strategic utilization, a player can gain more points and have better chances of winning. In addition, players can use the V tile’s high point value while incorporating other tiles to form challenging combinations by focusing on lesser-known words like’ brevets’ or’ reprieve’ or’ reprieve’. Mastering these advanced strategies can lead to a significant advantage over opponents.

Players can explore unconventional methods for utilizing Ve-containing words to further enhance their Scrabble gameplay. For instance, combining words with the suffix “ive” with tiles such as Z or Q, such as ‘prize’ and ‘squeegeeing’, can offer bonus points without relying solely on high-value letters. Additionally, developing a deeper understanding of obscure words and their possible variations may lead to unexpected opportunities for success.

As a devoted Scrabble player, it is vital not to overlook the potential advantages of utilizing Ve-containing words with less common tiles. Acknowledging these advanced strategies could ultimately result in missed opportunities for extraordinary gameplay.

Ve may seem like an obscure letter combo, but it’s worth its weight in vowels in Scrabble.


Ve is a valuable letter combination in Scrabble, constituting an array of acceptable words to score players high points. This merits knowing the various valid Ve-containing terms for use wisely and strategically.

Having analyzed Scrabble’s dictionary, this table contains a selection of accepted words with Ve combinations:


Cave        9

Moveable        15

Dovetail        12

Proverbial        16

Unbevelled        15

Some unique details include obscure yet legitimate terms such as peristeronic and overventilated. Therefore, broadening one’s vocabulary with little-known words can give them a strategic edge.

To optimize scoring potential when playing Scrabble, players can consider these suggestions:

  1. keeping sets of high-scoring tiles like V in reserve to use with other letters to form Ve-containing terms.
  2. combining multiple words on the board if possible for generating additional points.
  3. planning to anticipate potential scoring opportunities and lay down bases accordingly.