Pet Simulator X just released a new update called the Comet Update, and it is taking the game to a whole new level. The update features new exciting additions such as Comet Crashes, Comet Pets, Comet Egg, Recent Auction Price (RAP), and new leaderboards. Below is everything you need to know about the update and how it will affect your gaming experience.

The Comet Crashes is one of the most exciting parts of the update. Comets are now randomly falling from the sky and contain new Comet Eggs. You need to team up with your friends and pets to break the comets and get to the center. Some mini comets may also appear, which can be damaged to earn rewards. Protecting Pet Simulator X against the comets is your primary objective.


The Comet Pets are another excellent addition to the game. New starry-eyed pets have been added, including the Comet Agony and Comet Cyclops, along with their HUGE counterparts. These pets are only obtainable by participating in the comet events. If you happen to see a massive comet, you need all the help you can get to hatch the new Comet Egg located in the center.

To help you make accurate trading decisions, the update introduced the Recent Auction Price (RAP). You can now see the average Recent Auction Prices by hovering over Huge or Titanic pets. The RAP value is updated in real-time, helping you understand the value of your inventory. However, the RAP value is easily manipulated by players, such as friends selling pets for cheap or really expensive to change the RAP. To avoid this, you can use a values list website such as PSX Database to accurately check the value of your pets!

The new leaderboards have also been updated to show your total RAP value instead of total pet power. The top three leaders have dancing statues above the leaderboards, making it more fun and entertaining.


The update also includes some minor changes and improvements to the game. For instance, joining friends is now more comfortable and seamless, thanks to the new update. If your friend is on any server, you will automatically join them.

The Comet Update also introduces Dominus Exclusives, a new exclusive egg featuring the Titanic Dominus Astra, and two new HUGE pets, Huge Storm Dominus and Huge Inferno Dominus. These limited-edition pets are too good to miss out on, so make sure you don’t miss the chance to hatch them.

In conclusion, the Comet Update has made significant changes to Pet Simulator X and has provided new and exciting features that will enhance your gaming experience. Get ready to team up with your friends and pets to protect Pet Simulator X against the comets and to hatch the new Comet Egg located in the center of the massive comets.