The internet is a vast network of websites that provide information, entertainment, and services to gamers all over the world. Among the millions of websites available, there are some that stand out for their unique features, high-quality content, and exceptional design. In this article, we will take a closer look at interesting 50 websites that are worth checking out.

1. HL2World

HL2World is a community site that focuses on news, discussions, and resources related to Valve’s popular video game, Half-Life 2.

2. is a personal website of a software engineer, with a portfolio of past projects, resume, and blog posts about coding.

3. Neuschwanstein Castle

The official website of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, providing information on tours, history, and ticket prices for the famous fairytale castle.

4. SCP Foundation

SCP Foundation is a collaborative fiction website where users can contribute stories and articles about paranormal objects and creatures.

5. Incompetech

Incompetech is a website that offers royalty-free music for use in videos, games, and other projects, with an extensive library of genres and styles.

6. Blackwell

Blackwell is the personal website of an Australian software developer, with a blog, portfolio of projects, and resources for other coders.

7. Meio Bit

Meio Bit is a technology news website based in Brazil, with articles covering gaming, gadgets, software, and more.

8. Apollo

Apollo is a news and entertainment website based in Latvia, with articles in both Latvian and Russian languages.

9. Onet

Onet is a Polish news and lifestyle portal, with sections for news, sports, entertainment, and finance.

10. Geoportal Warszawa

Geoportal Warszawa is a mapping website that provides information about the city of Warsaw, including public transport routes, buildings, and green spaces.

11. Instant Rimshot

Instant Rimshot is a website that plays a drum sound effect commonly used in comedy shows after a joke or pun.

12. DBTechno

DBTechno is a news website that covers a range of topics including politics, science, technology, and entertainment.

13. Ed Dekker

Ed Dekker is a Dutch artist and designer, with a portfolio of works that includes sculptures, paintings, and digital art.

14. N-tv

N-tv is a German news channel that covers international and domestic news, politics, and business.

15. Tiscali

Tiscali is a Czech news and information portal, with sections for news, lifestyle, sports, and more.

16. 4chan

4chan is an imageboard website where users can post anonymously about a variety of topics, including gaming, anime, and politics.

17. Zombie Crisis

Zombie Crisis is a community website that focuses on news, reviews, and resources related to zombie-themed media, including movies, games, and books.

18. AdPlug

AdPlug is a software library that plays music from old PC games and demoscene productions, with support for a variety of file formats.

19. FindTutorials

FindTutorials is a website dedicated to helping people finding the best tutorials for anything. It’s great.

20. ZergWatch

ZergWatch is a website dedicated to providing news, analysis, and commentary on esports, particularly focusing on the Starcraft II scene.

21. OscilloWorld

OscilloWorld is a website for electronic music enthusiasts, featuring interviews with DJs, reviews of music and gear, and more.

22. The Scientist

The Scientist is a magazine that covers the latest developments in life science research and technology, featuring news, analysis, and commentary from experts in the field.

23. Midkar

Midkar is a website that specializes in MIDI files, featuring a vast library of downloadable files for a wide range of musical genres.

24. Join Arnold

Join Arnold is a website dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger, featuring news, videos, and information about his various projects, including his philanthropic work.

25. S. Christian Collins

S. Christian Collins is a website for music composers and producers, offering free software for creating high-quality sound samples and digital instruments.

26. Duke4

Duke4 is a website dedicated to the Duke Nukem video game franchise, featuring news, reviews, and discussion forums.

27. Raskruty

Raskruty is a Russian-language website that provides reviews and ratings for movies and TV shows, as well as news and commentary about the entertainment industry.

28. Flit Kills Moths

Flitkillsmoths is a website that sells products for controlling pests, particularly moths, in homes and businesses.

29. Arachnosoft

Arachnosoft is a website dedicated to video game music, featuring an extensive database of MIDI files and original compositions.

30. Visual Walkthroughs

Visual Walkthroughs provides step-by-step guides for completing video games, featuring detailed screenshots and maps to help players navigate through the game.

31. L.B. Jackson

L.B. Jackson is a website for readers and writers, featuring book reviews, author interviews, and writing tips and resources.

32. VideoGamer

VideoGamer is a website that provides news, reviews, and commentary on video games, as well as videos and podcasts featuring expert analysis and discussion.

33. Yahoo! Games

Yahoo! Games is a website that provides a wide range of online games, including puzzles, card games, and sports-themed games.

34. Børsen

Børsen is a Danish-language website that provides news and analysis about the economy and financial markets, as well as lifestyle and entertainment content.

35. Google Labs

Google Labs is a website where Google tests and showcases experimental projects and applications, giving users a sneak peek at what the company is working on.

36. KoldCast TV

KoldCast TV is an online television network that features original content in a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, and reality shows.

37. James Paddock Music

James Paddock Music is a website for music producers and composers, featuring original compositions and software tools for creating and recording music.

38. is a website that provides information and news about guns and firearms, featuring reviews and recommendations.

39. Brandon Blume

Brandon Blume is a musician and a graphic artist. He’s one of the most talented people when it comes to making game soundtracks and more.

40. PhotoBlog Stop

A very informative blog dedicated to detailed tutorials and helpful tips for all things related to photography and photo editing programs like Photoshop. Perfect for beginners in photography!

41. Video.Google

Ever wanted to Google just videos and nothing else? Then Google Video is here to do exactly that!

42. Sash World

The main website for upcoming DJ Sash. Good music to listen to while you work or grind away in your favorite videogame.

43. Blink 182

Is your taste a bit different though? No worries. Check out Blink 182, the popular punk-rock band of world fame!

44. Viol.NET

Ever wanted to check the time… but in your browser? And using an analog clock? Well then, this is the perfect website for you.


Lycos is a search engine based in the United Kingdom, but it has a unique backstory. Lycos originally started as a research project at the Carnegie Mellon University and launched officially in 1995 – before most people even knew what a “search engine” was!


46. Casino Cafe Fire Island

One of the oldest and most charming casinos in the USA. Based on a thin, scenic but sandy Fire island on the shores of New York, this casino has been serving drinks and good luck since 1945!

47. Lute Casino

One of the oldest and most famous casinos in Arizona. The décor is early eclectic, what might be called interesting junk. And it is everywhere. The eye cannot travel one foot without coming to rest on some unique piece of tasteful and nostalgic ‘Americana’ memorabilia.

48. NECA Online

NECA stands for “National Entertainment Collectibles Association.” Established in 2002, NECA is one of the leading manufacturers for licensed merchandise and figurines today. You can even find figures of famous rock stars and pop singers here!


The best source to go to if you are a fan of collectible figurines, and wish to be up to date with any news from the field. Figures also publish detailed reviews of every new and upcoming action figure!

50. XenoViper

XenoViper is a very talented sculpting studio dedicated to making large figurines of your beloved movie or video game stars. You can custom order your lifelike figure from Xenoviper!