Well hello there! How you doin’? Gamers, as all people, do have their needs. And gamers being basically couch-potatoes or mostly anchored to their gaming chairs in front of their PCs, will find it easier to just check out some adult websites than ahem, leave their chairs.

So if you’re one such person who feels like clicking on some “interesting” adult stuff, you’ve come to the right place. Time to start adulting!


1. SF DT


A run of the mill pr0n site. Will get all your gamer needs met in a jiffy! Whether you’re male or female, straight or bisexual or homosexual or even gender neutral, don’t worry, SF DT has everything for everyone’s taste.

2. Cocyx.com


Go ahead and click the link. We challenge you! We double DARE you! CLICK IT! (Haa, haa.)

3. Boob Tube EU


Well well well… What do we have here? Plenty of good things! But as the name suggests, only suitable for a specific audience with a specific taste. If you’re into well-endowed ladies in their general chest area that happen to be hailing from Europe, this is the perfect adult link for you.

4. JSJ Prod


A sex toy store packed with everything you’ll ever dream of, and more. If you need something special, and extra, and physical you know (instead of just looking at images) JSJ Prod is the online store to go to!

5. Abandon 5000


Surprise surprise: It’s a Japanese casino site! (Adult can mean different things you know! Buy a dictionary!)