Gaming and casinos have similar qualities – they both entail being good at a game in order to win a prize. But casinos, unlike ordinary gaming, reward the player with real-world money. Which is really attractive for the obvious reasons.

As an added bonus – many of the casinos in this article are located in different countries, so you can use this list as an inspiration for traveling as well! We’re well aware that many gamers aren’t really fans of traveling, but for those of you who just can’t wait to pack your bags and explore a new destination, this is the article for you. Living on Planet Earth is, after all, the grandest open-world RPG game!

But back to casinos. Being good at games doesn’t really translate to being good at beating online casino games, however. Ordinary games don’t usually entail much luck – they’re more geared toward the player gradually improving their skill to beat the challenges that the game throws at you.

Casino games on the other hand require quite a lot of skill, but there’s also the element of luck involved – if you’re lucky, the game may go easier on you. But the casino game may also throw almost insurmountable odds at the player – which can be super challenging, but also super satisfying once you score that win! (And, you can use the prize money for more trips around the world!)

In a way, you could say that casino games are like ordinary games, but with an unpredictable and often times ever-increasing levels of challenge.

So, if you’re a gamer who wants to see the world and score some big money, or simply a gamer who wants to cut their teeth on some casino games while enjoying piña coladas at a heavenly beach, this article is for you. Here’s a list of the 50 most suitable casinos for gamers who want to travel – and win real-world money (for a change)!

1. Nordic Bet Casino

We start our journey in Norway! Nordic Bet Casino is an online casino site with many games you can try, and also very easy to navigate, regardless of whether you can speak Norwegian or not. Perfect for beginner gamers!

2. Casino Search CZ

Casino Search CZ is an online casino website based in the Czech Republic. Nonetheless there are a ton of games you can try your hand at here, and win some money. The website also doubles as a good resource for all the best casinos in the Czech Republic, so of you’re ever traveling there, this is your go-to information board for Czech casinos.

3. Casino 4 Home

This German company offers a very interesting service – you can hire them to organize a real-life casino at your home! Or at your work event. Or for a friend’s birthday party! Basically, you can “bring a casino to your home” for some exciting fun! However be aware: it’s not played with real money. Which makes it the perfect opportunity to actually do a sort of “gaming tutorial” for playing casino games.

4. CasinoFM

But what if, say, you’re in Germany and just looking for good information on the best casinos in good ol’ Deutschland, or you just want to play a few online gambling games from the comfort of your hotel room? Well, CasinoFM is the website for you!

5. Ring Casino

Ring Casino is called “ring” because it’s situated at a literal… Race circuit. Or in German, a ring! If you’re a racing fan or a Formula 1 enthusiast, book a stay at the German Ring Casino, and get a tour of the famous Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit! The casino is also “racing themed”, so if you’re into fast cars, or racing games and winning real money, this is the casino for you!

6. Danske Casino Sider

As the name suggests, this casino hails from Denmark! But with the powers of deduction and Google Translate, an average gamer can start playing (or spinning) to win in less than a minute!

7. Casino Bahia De Cadiz

Welcome to Spain! If you’re a gamer who wants to move into the online gambling stuff and win big money – and pick up some Spanish at the same time – you’ll be right at home here. (Bonus content: book a stay for scenic views and amazing beaches.)

8. Casino Automaty

Do you know where Slovenia is? You don’t have to in order to play some games and win some money at this Slovenian online casino page.

9. Casino City

Some gamers, especially those who are into WW2-themed first person shooter games have a special place in their hearts for Finland (if you know, you know). This website will let you play online casino games, and it will give you all the info a gamer needs should they wish to visit fascinating Finland.

10. Casino Capvern

A fancy French casino that will be attractive to most gamers. Bonus points of you have a thing for France.

11. Hotel Casino Del Palmiers

Another French casino, but this time it gets even better: it is located smack dab in the middle of a beautiful beach. So, wanna take a break from all that gaming and enjoy an amazing summer holiday in France? And win some money? (Don’t lose too much, please!)

12. Casino Board

One of the main online casino websites in Ukraine absolutely packed with useful information. View it as a phonebook for casino of sorts. And perhaps donate to Ukraine?

13. Casino Midas

Midas was this dude from the ancient myths who could turn things into gold just by merely touching them. Sounds like a video game? Well, it’s basically a reality if you’re good at casino games.

14. Akiba Casino

A fun Japanese online casino with… Plenty of pretty, kawaii ladies. If you’re a gamer who’s into anime or just JRPGs, this is the casino for you.

15. Venus Casino

A mobile games casino, perfect for mobile gamers!

16. Casino Malta

Malta is quite the beautiful little island country. And this casino compliments it well. Visit Malta and spin to win at the Malta Casino.

17. Ital Casino

And you know what’s just next to Malta? Beautiful Italy, that’s what. Enjoy the culture, take a break from gaming, and try your hand at making lots of money at this authentic Italian casino.

18. Synergy Casino

Another casino from Italy, but this time a very modern one. Free and fast wi-fi, modern drinks, lots of popular culture – it’s perfect for any kind of gamer.

19. Missouri Casinos

If you’re a gamer from Missouri, or just visiting, or even passing through it – this is your best resource for all the best casinos in Missouri.

20. Casinoble

A sleek and modern casino from Poland. You can play casino games online, or book a stay and enjoy Poland. Perfect for gamers who seek to visit Poland.

21. Casino Med Svensk Licens

One of the best online casino websites in Sweden. Lots of games you can play as a casual gamer (or a serious gamer), and you can also find tons of analysis and information about the best casinos in Sweden.

22. Spel Casino

The most popular casino in Sweden with a great, simple and enjoyable website to boot. If you’re a gamer from Sweden or just visiting, Spel Casino is definitely one of the best starting points for your casino adventures.

23. Casino First

One of the best online casinos in Ukraine that’s still fully operational. The website is easy to navigate and many fun online casino games are at your reach!

24. Casino City

A UK-based casino that’s quite popular, with both an offline and online component. UK casinos can sometimes be limited to UK citizens only, so keep that in mind.

25. Golden Horse Casino

Golden Horse are a chain of popular and high-quality casinos and hotels hailing from South Africa. Big wins, great local culture and beautiful nature complement the stay here. If you’re just a gamer who wants to learn more about casinos or their games, you can learn a lot from their great online websites.

26. Ku Casino

A simple to navigate online casino from Vietnam that’s very easy to get into. No Vietnamese skills? No problem, hit Translate and everything is readable in English.

27. Casino City

Another of those high quality informational websites about all things casino in a certain country. This one is devoted to the casinos in Argentina. Don’t let the old school design fool you (we know how us gamers are like), the website is absolutely packed with useful information about casinos in Argentina and online gambling.

28. Casino City

Info-dump website on the topic of casinos and online casinos, but this time for Colombia. Visit for the information, stay for the knowledge.

29. 7th Street Casino

A solid casino from Kansas with both online and offline components. Tons of games to play. As they say, it’s “where it’s at!”

30. Beat The Casino

An international online discussion board dedicated to casinos and online gambling. Discuss games here, learn tips and tricks, and of course, play some online casino games! Perfect for gamers looking to get into online casino gambling and making money.

31. BTL Casino

A simple-looking online casino page from Indonesia. If you’re a gamer from there, enjoy!

32. Cascades Casino Penticton

A fresh new casino located right by the lake in scenic Penticton, British Columbia. Whether you want to play some online games or wish to visit for a short holiday of sorts, the Cascades Casino in Penticton has everything a gamer would need.

33. Casino Asturias

Casino de Asturias is nearby Acapulco, in wondrous Mexico! Play online games or book a stay at the casino (and hotel), and enjoy your time here. Bonus content: the casino is focused on poker, so this is a perfect chance to learn how to master it!

34. Casino Awe

Ever feel like visiting South Korea? No? Well… No worries. Because you can also play casino games online on this excellent online casino page from South Korea!

35. Casino Garten

A very good, and we really mean this, German casino! Games are easy to find, lots of explanations about everything, and the website design overall is just excellent and easy to navigate. Hop in and enjoy!

36. Casino Norge 10

We started with Norway, and now we’re paying them another visit – because this online casino website is just so, so good! Tons of games for any type of gamer, and very worthwhile prizes.

37. Casino Royale 888

Do you like beautiful women? Do you like winning a lot of cash? Do you like playing games? Then Casino Royale 888 is the right fit for you! Bonus content: it’s in Thailand so you’ll love the nature.

38. Casino Saint-Gilles Croix De-Vie

A very modern French casino that’s more geared toward online soccer betting (or as they call it, football, in Europe and the rest of the planet.) But, this is a real, complete casino with all kinds of casino games, so you’ll feel right at home here even if you dislike football (pardon, soccer.)

39. Cyprus Casinos

One of the best, most exclusive casinos in Cyprus. Enjoy great games, big wins, and tasty Mediterranean food.

40. Dad’s Casino Party

An American mobile casino! Just give them a call and they’ll drive to wherever you want so you can enjoy some casino games. Don’t go to the casino – make the casino come to you! It doesn’t get any more “gamer” than that.

41. Elbow River Casino

A really fun casino and we mean it! It’s carnival themed, so if you’re a gamer who’s into cosplays or roleplaying, you’ll fit right at home.

42. Elements Casino Chilliwack

Welcome to Canada! Or to be more precise, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Enjoy all sorts of casino games here to your heart’s content, then refill your batteries by enjoying the beautiful, untouched nature that Chilliwack offers.

43. Elements Casino Mohawk

Another Canadian casino, this time from Mohawk in Ontario, Canada. Get warm and cozy, drink and eat – and win – until you get your fill. Which, for us gamers, is never quite enough, right? But the Elements Casino will try its best, it’s THAT good!

44. GSH Casino Parties

If you happen to be from Chicago (or the wider area) but aren’t really a fan of taking long trips to some quality casino, don’t worry. GSH Casino Parties are here to bring the casino experience to you.

45. Hard Rock Hotel Casino Bristol

Wait, you want to both gamble, stay at a hotel, AND experience the good old “Hard Rock” feel of the Hard Rock brand? Well… Welcome to the Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Bristol. It’s all 3 in 1!

46. Havasu Landing Resort & Casino

Ever wanted to visit the iconic Havasu lake in California? Now you can. Stay at this hotel, enjoy the beach, and also make some money with the great casino attached to this charming hotel.

47. Helloo Casino

One of the best online casino websites in Malaysia. With its wealth of games, a good artistic design and overall usability, it’s the ideal beginner online casino for casual gamers.

48. Las Vegas Casino News

Everyone goes to Las Vegas for the casinos. But where do you start? Well, right at this website! It has all the information you need for the best casinos and Las Vegas, and all the new developments related to them. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… or ends up in the “News” section at Las Vegas Casino News.

49. Macau Casino Hotel

The best online resource for all the casino life in precious Macau, the East’s capital of gambling. If you want to book a casino trip to Macau, check this website first.

50. New Casinos Online

A solid international website cataloguing and analyzing the best online casinos. The perfect starting point for gamers who wish to figure out where to start on their online casino journey.


We hope you liked our list of the top 50 casinos suitable for gamers! We keep these lists updated for new information. If you happen to know a very good casino that we managed to miss – leave us a comment below. Happy spinning!