Gambling your Rust skins can be a good way to stock up your inventory with more valuable additions, but if you want to accomplish that, then you need a tested strategy. However, every game is different, and as a result, we will only focus on Rust roulette.

Once you’ve finished reading this guide, you will be able to use this working strategy to win coins, cash and skins thanks to Rust roulette.

Where to Start?

First, you need to pick a good Rust roulette site. One of our favorite picks is Rust Clash because it’s Provably Fair and you can even claim Rust clash promo codes to play Roulette for free. Once you’ve selected your Rust gambling site, it’s time to talk about Roulette. Click

Understanding the Roulette Game

Before we talk about odds and strategies, it’s important to have a solid foundation about crashx and how Roulette works.

Have You Played Roulette Games at a Casino? If so, then you will have an easy time understanding how the Rust version works. But this one only covers the following bets:

  • Red: Pays 2x
  • Black: Pays 2x
  • Green: Pays 14x
  • Symbol: Pays 2x

Consider that the symbol bets can vary depending on the Rust gambling site, as each one might have their own version of the Roulette game.

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Playing the game is actually kinda easy, as you only have to follow 3 steps:

  1. Choose a betting option
  2. Place your bet
  3. Wait for the Roulette to spin and land on a color and symbol.

If your bet was right, then the site will automatically reward you. If you placed a bet with a Rust skin worth $1.50 on Red and you won, then you’ll get back a skin worth $3.00. This is how the game works.

Now that you have a solid foundation on how the game works and the main rules, it’s about time to check the strategy that will help you to take your Rust skins inventory to the next level.

The Next Level Strategy for Rust Roulette

This strategy is in fact the combination of two strategies: Fibonacci and Patterns. For starters, you need to wait for any of the following patterns to appear:

  • 8-10 consecutive rounds of Black
  • 8-10 consecutive rounds of Red
  • 8-10 consecutive rounds of a symbol
  • Less than 2 rounds of green during the last 100 rounds

Once you’ve spotted any of these patterns, you need to run a Fibonacci sequence. In case you’ve spotted that there have been 9 consecutive rounds of Red, it’s time to start betting on black, and with a base bet of $0.20, this is how you would run the Fibonnaci:

  • 1: Bet $0.20 (Lose)
  • 1: Bet $0.20 (Lose)
  • 2: Bet $0.40 (Lose)
  • 3: Bet $0.60 (Lose)
  • 5: Bet $1.00 (Lose)
  • 8: Bet $1.60 (Lose)
  • 13: Bet: $2.60 (Win)
  • 5: Bet $1.00 (Win)
  • 2: Bet $0.40 (Win)

At this point, you’d have wagered a total of $7.60, and thanks to the three wins you got, you won a total of $8.00, leaving you with a profit of $0.40. Let’s say that the base bet – $0.20 – represented the 1.00% of your bankroll, you’ve successfully grown it by 2%.

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If you don’t know how to run Fibonacci, all you have to do is to follow this sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc. Anytime you lose, you move up one step in the sequence, and if you win, then you take two steps back.

Let’s say that you want to hunt a Green win for a huge 14x, but this time with a base bet of $1.00. Here’s how it’d look like in theory:

  • 1: Bet $1.00 (Lose)
  • 1: Bet $1.00 (Lose)
  • 2: Bet $2.00 (Lose)
  • 3: Bet $3.00 (Lose)
  • 5: Bet $5.00 (Lose)
  • 8: Bet $8.00 (Lose)
  • 13: Bet $13.00 (Lose)
  • 21: Bet $21.00 (Lose)
  • 34: Bet $34.00 (Win)

After 9 tries and wagering a total of $88, you’ve won a huge prize of $476.00, leaving you a net profit of $388.00! You could also replace the Fibonnaci for a Martingale, but it’d be too risky, especially if you want to hunt down the Green.