Have you always been curious about how online casinos manage to keep things fair? Have you ever wondered if they use technology to ensure everyone who plays has a fair chance? If so, in this blog post, we will look at the technology that great online casinos, such as UFA100, use and how it helps to create a level playing field for all players. We’ll look at everything from random number generators to game integrity testing, so keep reading to learn more!

Random Number Generators

The first and one of the primary technologies that online casinos use to keep things fair is Random Number Generators or RNGs. Random Number Generators are algorithms that generate numbers at random. These numbers are then used to determine the outcome of games such as slot games.

RNGs are designed to ensure that each game you play is completely unpredictable and that players all have an equal chance of winning. They ensure fairness because it is never impossible for a win to be obtained, even if the chances are very unlikely.

The most common games that random number generators are used on are slot machines, where RNG is used to spin the reels and ensure they randomly fall on a set of symbols after every spin.


The next technology that online casinos use to keep things fair and protect their games from cheating is cryptography. Cryptography is a branch of mathematics that deals with encrypting and decrypting information.

Encryption is the process whereby information is encoded. This process converts the original information, known as plaintext, into ciphertext, an alternative form of information that a third party cannot access. Online casinos use cryptography to encrypt their games, making it impossible for cheaters to reverse engineer the games and figure out how they work.

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Fraud Detection

Another technology that Euro online casinos use to keep things fair is Fraud detection. Fraud detection systems are designed to identify irregularities in gameplay, such as players using automated software to play their casino games or are in cahoots with each other.

Fraud detection systems help online casinos to identify and investigate any potential cheating cases, ensuring that the casino games remain fair for all players.

Player Identification

Another type of technology that online casinos use to ensure that things remain fair is player identification. Player identification systems help online casinos verify their players’ identities and prevent fraudsters from creating many accounts with online casinos.

Player identification systems also help online casinos track the players’ activities and prevent bonus abuse, which is something that happens with online casinos. The most common type of player identification used at online casinos includes an ID card, driver’s license, passport, or residence permit. This information then gets checked and confirmed by third-party sources.

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Game Integrity Testing

Last but not least, the last technology that online casinos use to keep things fair is game integrity testing. Game integrity testing is an important technology used to ensure fairness. It involves independent third-party companies that test casino games to ensure they are working correctly and that there are no hidden flaws that any cheaters could exploit. Online casinos generally require game developers to submit their games for testing before they can be offered on the online casino website.

Technology has a profound impact on the online casino industry, and these days, technology offers a realistic experience for gamblers. Technology also makes for safer gameplay, and there is a lot of technology employed by online casinos to ensure that the casino, as well as the player, experiences fair gameplay.

The most common technology used by online casinos to ensure fairness is random number generators, cryptography, fraud detection, player identification, and game integrity testing. These technologies help online casinos create a level playing field for all players.