It was held in Bucharest, hosting 18 teams, where Team Spirit emerged as the tournament winner. In viewership, the tournament peaked at 2.7 million viewers, holding better promises for this year’s tournament. The International 2022 will run from the 10th to the 15th of October, and we’re pretty excited to see our favorite teams come back to contest for the massive pool prize.

How Huge Is DOTA 2 The International?

DOTA 2 is one of the most recognized MOBA games in the eSports field, having hundreds of millions of active players across several platforms. The game was first displayed to the public in its first tournament in 2011 at Gamescom. At that time, it held a grand pool prize of $1,000,000 put down by its developer, Valve. Unfortunately, the developer hosted only 16 teams, with Natus Vincere emerging as the winner of the tournament.

However, over the years, the developer came about with an initiative not practiced by any other eSports tournament – crowdfunding. This crowdfunding started in 2013 when the developer announced a special Compendium battle pass to whoever allowed crowdfunding. At that time, the tournament gathered over $2.8 million. This crowdfunding continued for years, and last year, it shattered every pool prize record in the eSports industry, grossing over $40 million.’

This feat raised the standard for several other games in the eSports industry. The action, suspense, thrill, and ambiance at Bucharest last year cannot be compared to any other eSports tournament. Even more surprising and exciting was the emergence of Team Spirit as the winner of the competition, a team that had not claimed the championship title before. The tournament influenced several areas, including DOTA 2 betting, making many fans of the game richer just for supporting and believing in their favorite teams.

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All of these thrills and excitement from last year are definitely spilling into the upcoming 2022 The International. As a result, we’ve compiled some of the reasons why you should watch Dota 2 The International 2022.

Why Should You Watch DOTA 2, The International 2022?

After the record-shattering feat of The International 2021, we should think there are many reasons for you to watch The International 2022. However, in this article, we’ve compiled five top reasons why you should watch the upcoming tournament.

The Venue And Ambiance

Last year, The International 2021 was held in the richest city in Romania, Bucharest. It was a delightful experience for fans who could watch the tournament offline, and for the online viewers, it showed just how huge eSports is in Europe. However, this year takes a fun twist with the tournament held in one of the richest countries in Asia, Singapore. Asia has the highest population of eSports fans and players, and it promises to reflect in this year’s The International.

Offline players who are there to watch are expected to have a rich and enjoyable experience in the city. And for online players, you get to see how deeply rooted DOTA 2 and the eSports field are in the country. The Playoffs will be played in Singapore Suntec, and the Finals Weekend will hold at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. This is expected to hold at least 12,000 passionate fans of DOTA 2 The International.

The Teams

After last year’s events, we expect the return of some of the most competitive teams in DOTA 2. These include last year’s winner, Team Spirit, and strong contenders, including OG and PSG.LGD, Fnatic, Evil Genuises, TSM, Boom Esports, and Tundra Esports, among a few others. These teams have displayed unmatched skills and excellence over the years, making the tournaments exciting and worthwhile. We expect even more of the thrill and action than we saw from the teams in this year’s The International.


At this moment, it’s quite unpredictable to know who will win this year’s tournament, which means lucrative odds for gamblers. DOTA 2 TI betting remains of the most lucrative in eSports betting, and we’re expecting lots of betting markets for this year’s tournament.

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This will give players worldwide the chance to deposit on their favorite betting sites and win real money. As much as the DOTA 2 players can win thousands to millions of dollars, your bet on DOTA 2 can also fetch you as much. Hence, you should follow the tournament and ensure you do not miss any part to place informed wagers.

The Action And Suspense

Currently, the pool prize of The International 2022 stands at over $10 million. This is enough motivation for many of these teams to give the competitions their all. Coupled with the rivalry, we expect to see a display of skills never seen before, last-minute combos, and a team strategy that surpasses all others. The rivalry at last year’s tournament reached a peak viewership of 2.7 million, and we expect more with what the teams have in store for this year.

The Skills To Learn

Every year, players debut a new combo or skillset you didn’t know you could trigger. These tournaments come in handy to help you learn them and use the skillset in your next match with your friends. We expect there’ll be a lot of new and spectacular combos in the upcoming tournament that you won’t want to miss!


These are some of the reasons we have for you to watch Dota 2 The International 2022. But, of course, for Dota 2 bettors, you definitely want to stay atop every action in the tournament so you can make the best of your wagers. Regardless, we’re in for some record-breaking feats in this upcoming tournament!