Description: Lots of pleasant bonuses, simple and clear registration with verification, a good opportunity to earn money, and a lot of sports events at pleasant odds – it’s all about the Crickex App.

About Crickex India

At the moment, in the market for sports betting and gambling services in general, there is quite decent competition among the large number of online bookmakers who offer their users to bet on sports and play casinos. Due to a large number of bookmakers and great competition it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose a goddamn bookmaker Crickex app which would suit you, and most importantly, which would be safe and real, rather than fake where you just lose your money and all your personal and banking information will be leaked.

To avoid getting in misfortune, in a situation like the one described above, new users need to carefully select a new bookmaker and, at the slightest suspicion that the company is a fake, bypass it.

Before choosing a new bookmaker, look at the ratings of the company you have chosen and, most importantly, pay attention to the license, which is a must in the gambling business. It kind of guarantees that the company you choose will be safe.

Crickex, which will be discussed in this article, certainly has a license from the authorities of Curacao, which has been obtained in the course of numerous inspections for compliance with the requirements outlined in the gambling industry.

Some users may be confused by the fact that the company has not had much experience in its business since it was formed in 2019. This is true, experience plays a very important role when choosing a new bookmaker, but if you look at what the company has achieved since its inception, you may be surprised.

At the moment, the company offers its customers a large number of sports disciplines and live events on which you can bet; in addition, you can play casinos and slots and get a lot of bonuses.

A definite plus is the fact that the company has developed its mobile Crickex app, which is available for download on the official page of the bookmaker.

Now let’s move on to the main topic of the article, namely the Crickex app, and see why it is so popular among the inhabitants of India.

Crickex Mobile App

This headline will answer why users choose the company’s mobile app over its official website. The answer is very simple because the mobile Crickex app has a lot of positive aspects:

  • You spend less time starting betting since the app will be under your finger on your phone’s desktop. If you used the official website, you would have to open the browser and type in the address of the company every time;
  • The functionality of the mobile application is designed to be convenient to use, all necessary tabs are visible at once, and if you search for a certain event, its name can be typed into the search bar or set a specific filter;
  • The mobile application will allow you to bet wherever you are as you can always take your phone with you, which you can’t always do with your laptop and especially not with your computer;
  • Once you download the Crickex app, you will be offered to activate the notification function, which will notify you of the outcome of your bets and other hot news;
  • The mobile application does not require much to download, only 20 MB of free memory.

Based on the above, there is only one thing that comes to mind – you need to download the company’s application right now. How to do this will be told in the next heading.

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How to Download Crickex Mobile App

At the moment, the company only gives an opportunity to download the application for Android, as the application for iOS the developers are working on, and soon it will be released, and you will be able to take advantage of its benefits.

Even the fact that the application is not available for iOS is not a reason to be upset, as you can use the mobile version of the official website. It’s almost the same as the mobile app, there are only a couple of differences, but overall it will feel like you are using a mobile app.

If you are a user of Android and you don’t know how to download the app, just read the following instructions:

  1. The Crickex app is not available in Play Store, so you need to download it as an APK file. Open any available browser and visit the mobile version of the official website of the company and find the tab for downloading the mobile application. It will be in the menu item, or you can find it in the offers from the company;
  2. Now there is no need to rush as you need to allow unknown sources to download to your phone. This is easy to do – just go to the security section in your phone settings;
  3. Once you fulfill the condition from the previous point, you can click on the tab to download the mobile application. Once you click, the process of downloading the APK file will start, and it will take a couple of minutes. Everything will depend on the speed of your Internet connection;
  4. After the end of the downloading of the APK file, go to the download tab on your phone, where you will find the downloaded APK file, which you have to install by clicking on it;
  5. Wait a couple of minutes, and the application will be installed on your phone, and you can open it by clicking on it on your desktop.

To find out how the company’s app works, read the following headline.

Crickex App Overview

When opening the app, users, of course, pay attention to how the navigation is arranged and whether the app is usable in general. The Crickex app is doing well in this regard. All the tabs are structured, and there is even a search bar.

The company’s app is arranged as follows:

  • The top of the mobile app. There are alternating banners with important information that includes the hottest news about bonuses and different events. Immediately below is a running news line. There is also a tab to access the live chat of the company;
  • Just below are the sports, casino, slots, tables with live dealers, and lottery tabs. A little lower, you can see the favorites, namely the events that are the most popular right now;
  • Going downstairs, you can read about possible payment methods, information about the company, privacy policy, and more;
  • Buttons for registering and logging into your account are located in the line at the bottom edge of your phone. They are especially highlighted in large font, so they are easy to find.

Now it’s time to register and verify in the mobile app. The most important processes on the way to betting.

Registration at Crickex App

The process you can’t miss is registration, which means sending a message to a given company which in return gives you the status of a registered user.

A big plus is that companies make the registration process as straightforward as possible, like Crickex.

Here are detailed instructions on how to create an account:

  1. First, of course, open the Crickex app on your phone’s desktop. Then find the signup button and click on it. It will be located in the lower left corner;
  2. Registration is always accompanied by filling out a specific form offered by the company. In the window that comes up, you should write down and enter a username and a secure password to avoid being hacked by scammers;
  3. Choose the desired currency. It will not be possible to change it after the registration, so please think it over carefully. Also, enter a valid cell phone number and email address. They must be valid to confirm them later;
  4. It remains very little, and this is to enter a referral code if you invited a friend and a 4-digit confirmation code.

By clicking the accept button, you agree with the policy prescribed by the company and confirm that you are 18 years old, as users who are under 18 can not use the services of the company.

To enhance your abilities, go through the process of verification or, in other words, confirm your identity.

Verification at Crickex

Verification in the mobile app has two steps; here is their detailed description:

  1. Stage 1. Go to the My Profile section and confirm the number and email address that you entered when you registered in the mobile app. This is done by entering the code to your phone and email address. This is done to increase the security of your account;
  2. Step 2. Confirm your identity by sending a photo of a document that would prove your identity to the company email. Most people use a passport, but you can also use a driver’s license or ID card. Please note that the photo must be clear. Otherwise, the staff will not be able to review the necessary information and will not approve the verification process.

Once staff checks your documents (this may take some time), you will be assigned the status of a verified user, which has no restrictions.

It’s not rare that new users leave their accounts and do not know how to log back in; in this case, the following headline is just for such users.

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How to Login to Crickex Account

If you have become a user who has logged out of your account and does not know how to log back in, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to the Crickex app and find the sign-in tab for your account. Click on it and enter certain details;
  2. You will need to enter your username and password that you came up with when you registered. Now click remember your password and log in to your account. The remember your password feature allows you to not have to enter it every time you sign in to your account.

If you happen to not use the remember password function and forget your password, don’t worry. Just click on the phrase “forgot your password?”. Then enter your username and email address where the new password will be sent to enter your account.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, the company offers its users a large number of payment methods that are resorted to when they want to make a deposit. Their detailed description is in the following heading.

Payment Methods in Crickex App

Since the company mainly targets the residents of India, then most of the proposed payment methods will be aimed at them.

If you want to make a deposit, you’ll be able to use one of the following ways:

  • UPI payment system, Paytm, PhonePe;
  • Payment via local bank is available.

However, keep in mind the minimum deposit amount when choosing one or another method of payment. All methods of payment provide a minimum deposit amount of 200 INR. The maximum withdrawal amount will be 99.000 INR.

If there are any problems, each user has the right to ask for help from the company’s staff via the customer support center.

Final Verdict

Finishing the description of the Crickex app, only one thing comes to mind – you have to use the application because of the large number of advantages and its pleasant design.

In addition to this, you can fully trust the downloaded app. All your personal and banking information will be stored on a secure server.

As for the services that you will be able to use, it is a big sportsbook, live casino and of course slots, where without them. So download the application right now and spend your time having fun and making money.