When creating an introductory video for your mobile game, it’s important to understand that this is one of the most important parts you need to get users interested. The introduction should be done in such a way that from the first seconds of viewing, people are interested in the game and want to get into it as soon as possible. After watching the introductory video, people either want to play it or vice versa; they will have negative emotions, and they will close it forever.

The main thing in creating an introductory video is to show all the pros and positives of your game. It is important to keep the user and interest him so much that he wants to go and play it. We have some tips to help you create a successful intro video that will get as many users excited about the game as possible.

Tips on How to Create an Intro Video for Your Game

Before moving on to creating an introductory video for your game, you need to carefully consider what positive points you would like to show and talk about the positives that are in it. Users should fall in love with the game from the first seconds and start using it sooner. We’ve put together some helpful tips to help you create a successful and engaging intro video for your game:

Define Your Target Audience

It is important to understand who your game is designed for, so in a short introductory video, you can show a fascinating excerpt from the game that will immediately interest the user.

Convey the Game’s Theme

Decide on the theme of the game that you want to convey in the introductory video. The piece should be interesting and bright so that people want to start the gameplay as soon as possible.

Add Snippets from the Game

Come up with interesting videos that users can watch while the game is loading. A good option would be snippets from your game that people can view just by downloading it and becoming even more interested in the game.

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Utilize Good Video Editing Software

Use a quality video editor that will allow you to add all the features you want to your video intro. With the help of the editor, you can insert and cut the desired frames and add additional effects with which users will be interested in your game.

Add Some Music and Text to Your Intro Video

Pleasant, captivating music will help to get users to your game and accompany them throughout the whole process. The best option would be a calm, lovely melody that relaxes.

Apply Interesting Effects

This item will help make the intro video for your game even more attractive. Correct the color, and make a couple of beautiful transitions, and this will help make the video more interesting for users.

Craft the Video Narrative

This item will help users understand your game more. With the help of a voice-over, people are positioned to the game in a short time, without the unnecessary overload of the video.


Creating an introductory video for your game is quite a serious process, in which it is important to convey the essence and theme of the game to interest users.

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First of all, you need to decide on the audience for which the game is designed, then decide on the theme and design. For the game to achieve maximum success, it is important to listen to our advice and think through every detail well.