6 Things That Can Get in Your Way of Enjoying Video Games


Video games are a popular pastime, and if you are an avid gamer, you should be aware of how much fun the hobby can be.

However, there are times when some people begin to fall out of love with gaming, and they try their best to rekindle that love again. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

One of the best ways to like video games again is to take a break, but you also need to identify what caused the problem in the first place. By identifying the causes, you can avoid them once you return to gaming again.

Various Distractions

Let’s start with various distractions. When you are gaming, you likely want to focus, particularly if it is a competitive game.

So what happens if you get random notifications spammed on your smartphone or have to listen to noisy neighbors upstairs? And what about random notifications on your computer?

If you are gaming on a MacBook, for instance, you might get Finder getting in your way. Unless you know how to stop finder action on mac, the odds are that this problem will persist. A similar thing can be said about OS update notifications.

Individually, these distractions might not seem like that big of a deal, and one could argue that they are an issue that is not necessarily related to gaming, but once you get an accumulation of multiple distractions, they hinder your experience in various life aspects, including video games.


Poor Computer Performance

Poor computer performance is another example of an issue that gets in the way of enjoying video games.

Of course, there are instances when the computer’s hardware simply becomes outdated, and you have no other choice but to get a new computer or even switch to a gaming console, which could be a good change of pace and a new way to enjoy video games, so be sure to consider that possibility.

As far as optimizing your current computer’s performance goes, you want to focus on the following aspects:

  • Freeing up disk space
  • Cleaning the dust inside the computer
  • Installing driver and OS updates
  • Decluttering the desktop
  • Scanning and removing potential malware

Also, do not forget gaming accessories. If you have a gaming mouse or keyboard that you have been using for too long, you might want to consider upgrading it.


Friends No Longer Playing

Online video games come with a social aspect, and it is common to meet other players and establish friendships with them. Playing with friends is often one of the reasons why the pastime is so fun. But as soon as your friends stop playing, you might feel less inclined to play yourself.

The suggestion to meet new people to play with can also be a bit of a stretch because you might feel that replicating the same feeling would be more or less impossible.

Finding a solution to this specific problem is quite difficult. Perhaps the best approach would be to play single-player video games or online games where you can play solos, such as RTS titles like Starcraft II or Age of Empires II.

The Sense of Feeling Burnt Out

Playing video games too much will ultimately lead to you burning out, and once that happens, it might take a long time to find video games enjoyable again.

As soon as you notice that you are not enjoying a video game, take a break and do something else. Or, at the very least, play a different video game.

Finding a balance in your life and not dedicating the entirety of the free time you have to video games is a solid approach that should protect you from burning out.

Too Many Games in the Backlog

The gaming industry is huge, and there are more video games getting released than many players could realistically keep up with. This leads people to buy video games and not find time to actually play the games.

As your backlog grows, you get the sense of struggling to pick a game, and that leads you to think that there is nothing good to play despite the fact that your video game library is so big.

If you have a habit of buying video games and not playing them, do not do that. Instead, buy a video game that you know you will play. And when you finish it, you can move on to the next one.

Game Developers Not Keeping Their Promises

Getting disappointed by video game developers is quite common these days. If you enjoy a video game and notice that the development is not going in the right direction, it will not take too long before you lose interest.

Perhaps developers are introducing a pay-to-win system, or maybe they are switching most of their resources to virtual reality projects.

Sadly, you are unlikely to affect a developer’s decision as an individual player. Your best bet is that the community outrage will make a significant impact and make the developers rethink their policies.