Calculator is one of the most used applications in every iOS device, whatever be its generation or level of OS as is evident from the fact that a user is always likely to need it at any given moment. But there are some who may not have been aware about the note-saving feature present in the iPhone’s calculator. If you too happen to be one such person, then you can do away with your ignorance by going over this post.

How to see Calculator History on iPhone

First of all you need to launch the Calculator application on your iOS device, which can be done by tapping on its icon located at the Home screen of your device. Now open the app till you reach the calculator’s main interface. Now you need to swipe down the screen so that the notes window opens up at the bottom of the page.

What will be displayed in this section is all your calculations which are saved on your iPhone, for future reference. You can view them by scrolling through it one after another, and can also delete them according to your choice.

Deleting Single Calculator Entry

After you tap on the note that you want to get rid of, you will be taken to its detail screen where it will be shown in a different color (grey). All what’s required from your side is to press the Delete button present at its bottom left corner. Once you do that, the note will be removed from your iPhone’s calculator history section.

Deleting All Calculator Notes

After tapping Delete button for the second time, all the notes saved in your iPhone calculator will be wiped off simultaneously. As I said earlier, just tap on ‘Delete’ twice to remove them all at one go.

Why is Calculator History on iPhone Useful

Calculator history on iPhone is a useful feature only if you know how to use it. It comes in handy when you need past calculation notes, whenever required. You don’t have to copy them manually from your notepad or sketch them on a paper, as they’re available right there in your calculator history section of Calculator app. So if you have been unaware about this feature till now, download Calculator app on your iPhone right away and gain access to past calculations anytime.

Few Tips for Getting the Most out of Calculator History on iPhone Devices

1) Memorizing Important Numbers

In order to dodge scrolling through long lists, you can memorize important numbers from those appearing in your calculator history. For instance, let’s assume that you’ve been calculating a regular sum of 15,45$ on your iPhone. You can add this number to the list of memorized numbers in calculator history and then use it when you need it most.

2) Calculating Percentages is Easier with Calculator History

Calculating percentage is easier when you already have their basis figures in your calculator history. Assume that there is a poster of a movie in your office which says that the movie collected half a million in its opening weekend. At this point, you can easily calculate the average ticket price by seeing its total earning in Calculator history and dividing it by the number of theaters where the movie released.

3) Easy Access to Calculator History

You can add or remove numbers from your calculator history by using the editing button present at its top right corner. It directly takes you to the place where your calculator history is located. If you want to make changes, you can delete or add more numbers as per your choice.

Note: You will first have to tap on the edit button only if the Calculator app window is launched for the first time.


So, finally after reading through the post, you must have got to know that how to see calculator history on iPhone. I just want to let you know that this trick is applicable only for the OS-level default Calculator app and not for any third party substitute. Also, if you don’t need your notes anymore, deleting them is as simple and quick as saving them. For this, just follow the above-mentioned instructions and you’re good to go! I hope that you will find these instructions beneficial for your daily calculations. Keep using it and do let me know if you have any other queries related to this via comments section below.