This post could be useful to a person who is having trouble recording because they do not understand where the microphone is located on an iPhone 12 or who is calling and does not know how to answer the phone properly. This article includes pictures for people who may have problems understanding what the writer is trying to explain.

The article talks about how to place your finger on the microphone depending on who you are calling. This article would be beneficial to a person because they could understand what their phone is saying. This post includes pictures of fingers positioning in order for people to know where to position their fingers when using an iPhone 12.

I think the purpose behind this blog post was to help people understand how to use their iPhone 12. I think the author wanted to make it simple for his or her readers by including pictures of where you should be putting your fingers on your phone.

The iPhone 12 is rumored to have a microphone on the top left corner of the device, which is different from most other phones, because the majority of others have their mics in the bottom left corner. The article does a good job of explaining where to put your finger when answering and calling. I think this blog post would be useful for anyone who has trouble with using his or her phone properly.

I think if you were someone who tried to use your phone and it did not work, or if you were someone who was calling and could not be heard, I think this article would definitely help you. I recommend this post for people with these problems because it also has diagrams of where to put your fingers in order to answer the phone properly.

I like that there are diagrams in the post because it makes it really easy to understand what is going on. I think if there were no diagrams, it would be a little harder to understand exactly what the author was trying to say. The pictures definitely help a lot and without them, people might not know where their fingers should go.

This would be a great location for taking calls and recording videos or audio because it is in a place where people can easily grab their phone with one hand and put their finger over the microphone. If the speaker was located in any other area of the device, this would make it very difficult for a person to answer their phone without having to use both hands.

The addition of this microphone could mean improved sound quality for all users. The current iPhone 12 does not have a noise cancelling microphone built into the device. This means that all users must be careful about speaking too close to the speaker and in a place where there is lots of background noise in order to avoid any background hissing in their voice.

Where Is The Mic On iPhone 12

In conclusion, this blog post could be beneficial to someone who does not know where the microphone on his or her iPhone 12 is. I think it would be especially helpful for people calling and could not be heard, or if their recording did not work properly. I also think somebody with these problems might find this helpful because he or she could easily figure out how to answer the phone without issues.

What I found interesting about this article was that it taught me the placement of the microphone on the iPhone 12. I thought that was interesting because I had never seen an iPhone with a microphone located in a different place other than at the bottom corner.