The day that couples have been dreading for months has finally arrived. “Facebook came out with their Messenger app, and now my match just won’t stop trying to send me messages!” said Bethany.”But I don’t even have a Facebook account,” replied her friend.

In spite of Facebook’s best efforts, many couples still prefer communicating via text message. To ease the pain of switching from one app to another, Facebook has introduced a new feature that allows users to send each other sweet nothings in between texts. The feature is called “Valentine’s Day,” and it will automatically replace words with a heart emoji.

how to send valentines on facebook

“It’s like we’re already married!” said one delighted user. Facebook has responded to the positive reaction by hinting at future updates, including a “baby emoji” and an “anniversary candle.” The company is also refusing to rule out the possibility of adding custom emoji packs for special events such as birthdays and religious holidays. Couples everywhere will just have to wait and see.

“I’m in a live-in relationship, and we’re thinking of combining our accounts,” said one Facebook user. “Maybe when that happens I’ll finally get some messages from my match!”

How to use the Facebook Messenger Valentines feature

To use this feature, you must have the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed on your device. Once that is complete, users can simply tap a heart emoji to automatically change words into hearts.

Note: This feature works best if you use “Valentine’s Day” as a default keyboard replacement for all applications. Please note that due to the heavy demand for this feature, if you are running low on storage space or battery life, Facebook recommends turning this off until your device is connected to Wi-Fi.

What are the different things you can do with the Facebook Messenger Valentines feature?

The Valentine’s Day feature allows you to share affectionate words with your special someone without having to actually speak. In addition to traditional text messages, Facebook users can also send the following:


-Love Letters

-Heartfelt Poems

-Pickup Lines

How to send a Valentine’s Day message on Facebook Messenger

Sending your Valentine a message is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Open Facebook Messenger and select the “new message” option.

2) Tap the blue heart icon to change all words into hearts.

3) Type your message, then tap “send.”

4) Repeat until you have sent approximately 100 messages.

5) If you want to write a message without using the Valentine’s Day feature, press the “backspace” icon.

What are some examples of other Valentine’s Day Messages?

-I love how your eyes light up every time you see me.

-My love for you is like an ocean… deep and wide!

-If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

-Your love inspires me to dance even in my dreams!

How can you turn off Facebook Messenger Valentines?

Users who do not wish to use the Facebook Messenger Valentines feature must go to their phones settings and remove it as a default keyboard replacement. Facebook Messenger users who have already sent messages using the feature will not be able to recall those messages.

How can you delete a Facebook message from someone else’s phone?

If you have mistakenly sent a message to your special someone, there is no way to immediately delete it from their phone. To avoid seeing the mistake, make sure that each person deletes the post from their own newsfeed.


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