The wonderful cast of Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9 is one of the most celebrated RPGs ever made. It’s so popular, in fact, that its fan base has been campaigning for a remake since it was first released. But what makes this game so great? One reason might be the numerous party members you can choose from to take on your adventure. From Vivi and Eiko to Quina, each character brings something special to the table which will help you with any challenge or boss battle!

Best Final Fantasy 9 party members


Vivi is a black mage and one of the first characters you will meet in Final Fantasy 9. He can be found living in Alexandria and has a great knowledge of black magic spells. Vivi’s first special ability is called Focus and allows him to raise his level and stats by sacrificing other members of your party. His second ability is called Doublecast, which lets him cast two spells consecutively during battle.


Quina is an unusual party member who joins you after Quina saves you from the collapsing Iifa Tree. This character uses Frog Tongue as their weapon, which lets them swallow their enemies up whole to use against them with skills like Blue Magic or Quina’s Bird.


Eiko is a very powerful support character in Final Fantasy 9. She can be found living in Madain Sari, and joins your party after you save her from the Iifa Tree. Eiko’s first ability is called Carbuncle, which summons the helpful Carbuncle to buff up your team during battle. Her second ability is called Healing Light, which heals all of your allies and damages any enemies near them.

Zidane, the thief prince

Zidane is the thief prince. Born to an unwed mother, Zidane was taken in by the Tantalus Theater Troupe and given the name of the Tantalus Prince. He’s a skilled thief with a talent for picking locks on doors and chests, but he also has a passion for performing tricks that has led him into some trouble.

Zidane cares deeply for all his friends on Tantalus – from Blank to Marcus to Steiner – and he’ll do anything to protect them from harm’s way . With a strong sense of justice, Zidane will always stand up for the underdog, no matter what challenges he may face.

Beatrix, a swordswoman with an attitude

Though she starts out as a villain, she eventually comes over to the side of good and joins your party. Beatrix can use both swords and shields in battle, granting her access to the Shieldbearer skill which allows her to protect herself and other party members from damage while also blocking physical attacks.

Freya and Amarant: The couple that slays together, stays together.

Freya is a great party member because of her healing abilities and her Jump ability, which can deal massive damage to enemies. Amarant is also a great addition to your party because of his high attack power and ability to steal items from enemies. Together, Freya and Amarant make an unstoppable team that can take down any enemy!


The party members in Final Fantasy 9 are some of the best characters in the series. Vivi can help you take on enemies by casting black magic spells and has high intelligence, Quina is a unique character who will eat your opponent to use their abilities against them, Eiko heals allies with her Healing Light ability while damaging all nearby opponents. Zidane is an excellent thief prince who cares deeply for his friends and always stands up for those less fortunate than him. Beatrix starts out as a villain but eventually joins the side of good after seeing how much she’s been deceived throughout her life. Freya and Amarant make an unstoppable team that can kill any enemy due to their combined strength!