It has been said that it is easier to be a king than a prince. It was even harder to be the best player in the world than to become number 2. At least, if we were to look at this competitively and objectively: 1st place will always get more attention than 2nd place and so on.

We were in the same boat. We are always looking for that top xyz monster, which one is better than the other. That’s why when you ask us “hey, I am looking for a level 7 xyz monster with 1600 atk”, you’ll get many answers coming from different people with different preferences – some will recommend Number 82: Heartlandraco, some will choose Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh or even Daigusto Emeral and maybe you’ll even hear about Cairngorgon, the Antiluminescent Knight.

Best rank 7 xyz monsters

But what if we can give you one answer? What if there is only one level 7 xyz monster, which will be the best of them all? Our answer would be “Number 42: Starship Galaxy Tomahawk”. Just like it’s written on its card, this card can’t be targeted by any card effects, which is something that the previous cards didn’t possess. This means that your opponent can no longer use Book of Moon or Fiendish Chain to stop this card’s attack.

Atk: 1600 * The only level 7 xyz monster you’ll ever need

If it was just… But there is more! Any battle damage this card inflict to your opponent’s monster is halved! And you know, this effect is permanent. Suddenly, the previously popular xyz monsters became obsolete and their place was taken by Starship Galaxy Tomahawk. And the only player in the world that uses this card? Jack Atlas. Why you ask? Because Jack discovered it first and he is a very competitive person – just like we all are, right?

Now, where can we get this monster? Number 42: Starship Galaxy Tomahawk comes from the classic pack called “Pharaon’s Legacy”. Just as it’s name says, this pack came from the ancient Egypt times and contains some interesting cards, which have been used by duelists throughout Yu-Gi-Oh!’s long history.

  • Number 42: Starship Galaxy Tomahawk

You’ll be surprised that a card that was first printed 10 years ago is still very popular. That’s perhaps why this set was reprinted 4 times in the Duel Terminal sets, which is more often than some of the most recent sets!

The only level 7 xyz monster you’ll ever need

By today’s standards, Starship Galaxy Tomahawk is a cheap card – it costs 5$ on If you want to be a “Number” player, get this card and get on the road to become the best duelist of them all!

Rank 7 XYZ cards that are worth getting

Number 10: Illumiknight – Inzektor Exa-Beetle – Cyber Dragon Nova – Clear Wing Synchro Dragon – Revived King Ha Des – Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max – Number 42: Starship Galaxy Tomahawk

Honorable mentions: Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack, Angel of Zera, Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand

You don’t even need to win duels with this card, just summon it and your opponent will be forced to summon his strongest monster just in case you attack. This way, he’ll give you the opportunity to use Book of Moon on that creature or equip cards like Glow-Up Bulb or Inzektor Hornet.

It can’t be targeted by any card effects, which makes it difficult to stop. And if they try to detach it’s materials for some weird reason, you’ll get the chance to summon the monster right after that with an additional 500 atk points. The level 6 rank 7 monsters are better than the level 7 ones in most cases, but Number 42 is still very popular.