This classic puzzle is a favorite of people who love brain teaser puzzles that are simple, yet baffling. The only equipment you will need to complete this puzzle is a binder clip or some other clamp. Assemble your friends and start this stardew valley mermaid show code with a little bit of preparation!


Look closely at the drawing. The lines that start and end with circles represent dots, or small circles. Circles without a line coming into or out of them are simply half-circles, such as the circle on the right side of star number 1. Each star represents a different number from one to ten, depending on how many straight lines are protruding from it. The star on the far left represents 1, the star to the immediate right of that one is 2, and so on. Each number is made of lines coming out of or entering into a circle depending on which direction you count it in. So an upwards line will always represent a new number greater than what came before it, and a downward line will always represent a number less than what came before it.

What is a mermaid show code for Stardew Valley mean?

A stardew valley mermaid show code is made up of three or more people, one of whom is blindfolded. The token blindfolded person must listen to their friends tell them about a location they are currently in. The object is for the blindfolded person to find his way back to that spot by asking directional questions. The catch is that the person guiding him around must give increasingly specific directions, like “turn right at the third tree” or “take two lefts and then a right.” If you’re playing with just one friend, you can act as both the blindfolded person and the helper yourself.

For this stardew valley mermaid show code :

The goal of this puzzle is to help your blindfolded friend get to a place where they are behind the “X” on the map. It’s called a mermaid show code because it looks like three women performing underwater acrobatics, known as mermaids. The lines representing their legs form an X shape.

How do I use the mermaid show code in Stardew Valley?

The mermaid show code is a classic stardew valley puzzle that can be used to perplex your friends. To start this stardew valley mermaid show code, you need to gather three or more people and create a star map like the one above on a piece of paper. The first person has to sit with the blindfold on underneath the paper. Then, everyone else gathers around to tell him/her about their location on the map. The goal is for them to find his/her way back simply by asking questions like “Are you past the big rock?” or “Are you to my left?”

You can watch this video tutorial if you don’t understand mermaid show code stardew valley :

Stardew valley mermaid show code:

Step One: This step involves finding the numbers that appear at least twice in the puzzle. Start by finding all of your “2”s and any other multiple that appears more than once.

Take away the extra lines to get your working number.

Step Two: Now subtract one from each of those numbers to uncover the inner mystery. Those are your “keys” that lock into the star’s numerical pattern. The stardew valley mermaid show code is hidden inside! Congrats, you solved it!

The mermaid show stardew valley code is a great way for groups of people to work together and have fun. This puzzle can be played in the real world using landmarks around your town, or it can be used as part of an imaginative game like treasure hunt or hide-and-seek. Either way, it’s a fun way to get people talking and challenging their brains with stardew valley mermaid show code puzzles.