I’m quite a mod junkie when it comes to my Elder Scrolls games, and I’ve been modding Skyrim for years now on such a massive scale that I can’t even be bothered running the vanilla version anymore. Skipping through a lot of the long winded details that you’d find in a giant list based mod compilation post, individually let’s have a look at 5 of my favourite light armor mods for Skyrim.

Skyrim best light armor mods

  • Lightweight Leather – This mod changes the stats and appearance of leather armor, reducing its weight significantly (30% reduction compared to base game for example). It also attempts to reduce clipping issues where the shoulder pads clip through other armors. I have this mod installed with Mod Organizer , but installation instructions are provided on the website.

Modification stations make you more productive!

  • Daedric Assassin Armor – I love this armor, one of my favourites in fact, it has some great voice acting and different options to craft the armor pieces at different difficulty levels. I recommend also getting the companion mod, which adds a character to find in your bedroom.
  • Light Armor Only – This is a simple little mod that limits the type of armor you can craft and improve at the workbenches to only light armor . It’s very useful if you prefer wearing lightweight equipment and want to be able to do so without making any sacrifices on defense.
  • The Lightweight Armor Pack – This very simple mod makes a few lightweight variants of vanilla armors; all armors are reduced to 1/2 of their weight. An ideal mod for people who like light armors, but don’t really want to change the stats and appearance too much.
  • Light Elven Armor – A simple mod that changes all elven armor sets to look like elven armor from Morrowind (i.e., a little more yellow and a little less green than usual). I don’t own this mod, but it’s a simple one that some people might enjoy.If you’ve had a look through the Skyrim Nexus at all, I’m certain you’ll have come across these mods before – they’re very popular and rightly so! If you haven’t given any of them a chance yet, hopefully this has been enough to convince you to give them a shot.
  • The Clean Pretty Light Elven Armor – A more detailed and lore-friendly version of my previous mod.
  • Nightingale Sorcerer Armor – One of my favourite mods, this changes the Nightingale armor to be a little more battlemage-ish and so it doesn’t look so much like leather. Separate versions are available for normal and female characters (and both genders together), each with variations of robes and shields.
  • Elven Archer Armor – This mod adds two new types of elven armor; the first is a set similar to the hunter armor in the vanilla game (i.e., brown), and the second is a set of heavy armor for the player to equip.
  • Snow Bear Armor – A lightweight fur armor, great for barbarians and spellswords alike!
  • The Light Dragon Knight Armor – If you’re looking for something more unique than all of these elven armors, this mod adds an amazing new re-texture of dragonbone metal armor that uses a lot of leather to craft something similar to scale mail.

I think that pretty much covers my list for the moment, if you have any suggestions for other great light armors please leave them below in the comments!  Hope you enjoyed this article, and remember to check out the other mods on my profile if you haven’t already. If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below!