Genshin impact city was first developed over two hundred years ago by a group of people using artificial intelligence to build smart cities that reduce carbon footprints and increase housing density while maintaining luxury lifestyles for its residents. The first genshin impact was built in Tokyo, Japan. It was later named so because it had a major impact on the world. The name genshin came from yuuka genshin who was the first person to live in that city (he is now deceased).

The main idea of genshin impact city is to reduce pollution by using only clean energy and creating a city where people can live with nature. Genshin impact is a circular shape and it takes the form of a ring so that there is no ground pollution from cars or other types of transportation. It has been over sixty years since the first genshin impact city was built and today, more than 1000 cities have been built across Japan, Europe and America.

The environment of the city is regulated and controlled by AI (artificial intelligence) and there are no visible signs of life in the city. The only way to get access to genshin impact city is if you live here or rent a hotel room. You cannot walk into the city without an official invitation, but we will talk more about that later.

The following is a list of activities you can do in genshin impact city:

1) play at the pachinko parlor

2) watch a movie at the movie theater (operated by kabuki corp.)

3) buy some clothes from the clothing mall (operated by yukata,kimono and japanese traditional clothing company)

4) go to the hospital (operated by medicine maker. The doctor is an AI robot)

5) take a nap at the capsule hotel (available here,there are many capsules hotels in genshin impact city. They do not use sheets or pillows )

6) eat lunch at the restaurant

7) have a drink at the bar

8) have fun with friends in the izakaya(japanese bar)

Genshin impact city is very big, there are many buildings that you can go into. Many of them are hotels and shops where you can buy clothes ,food or souvenirs. There are also hospitals, theaters and places where you can take a rest.

Genshin impact city is connected with the whole world through the internet. You can buy things from Amazon or play games on Steam easily in genshin impact city. Genshin impact city has automatic payment system which means that once you have made an account for shopping or playing games, you will not have to provide credit card numbers or anything else. You just need to say what you want and the money will be automatically taken from your bank account. Genshin impact city does not allow motorcycles inside. If someone rides a motorcycle into genshin impact city he or she will get banned for life after their motorcycle has been confiscated.

There are many drones that fly in genshin impact city and because of that, you can see very high buildings from the back alleyways. The drone will clear any garbage or things left behind by someone outside your house so there won’t be any trash. Even though there is no human activity, genshin impact city is very clean.

Genshin impact city has many hotels, from small ones to very big ones. You can stay there if you do not have a genshin impact home yet. You can also rent a hotel if your friend or family member is currently in Japan and visiting genshin impact city for a short period of time because you cannot enter the city without invitation.