How do you collect them?You don’t like the answer, but I will tell you anyway.By playing the game of course! The ultimate goal of the game is pretty simple: try to make your opponent run out of cards first. You do this by summoning monsters, which you can either summon from yu gi oh cards on your side of the field or use as a tribute for a stronger monster.

Yugioh xyz monsters

Yugioh xyz monsters are type of cards that you can summon if you have 2 or more monsters already on the field, and then some more specific conditions. There is a new card for this category each season, who all have different effects that might hinder or help both players. These effect are triggered when the xyz monster is summoned and some cards even have effects that activate when they are just in your hand. There are a lot of types that exist, but you will notice that there is a pattern. Some examples: wind, water, fire and earth. When an xyz monster has a certain attribute as type it will work well with cards from the same kind or one with an opposite ability to balance things out.

They are summoned with the use of some specific cards that have a number on them, each number representing how many materials you need to play them. The good thing is that if they are destroyed you can just get rid of the card and all its used materials for another monster. You can even make your own xyz monsters if you have the right cards and materials, so gathering them all is not hard.

One thing remains however: they are worth some good points on the game! You can use your extra deck to summon even more powerful monsters mid-game, called synchro monsters.

What is the best yugioh xyz monster?

The answer to this is simple: it’s whatever you think is best! Some people might prefer effect monsters, while others like their monsters pretty big and strong. Each person has their own preference of style and there is no best card. This is part of the reason why different games exist, as everyone would probably agree that a duel system with an ultimate goal to kill each other doesn’t promote friendly interactions.

Why you should use them

The reason why you should use them is because they can turn the tides of a battle. If an opponent has built up a strong defense it might be hard to break through, but xyz monsters help as they do extra damage if their attack points are equal or bigger than yours and you can pull off some combos that deal even more! Other ways to use xyz monsters is by making powerful combos with other cards, so they are definitely worth playing around with!

You can use them to beat your opponent, but don’t overdo it as they both have a deck of cards and you best be familiar with yours. You will win if their cards run out before yours so by all means play the odds and summon xyz monsters! It’s not just about winning against other people though: you can battle against the AI to test your skills, make stronger decks or just for fun.

Other important things you need to know about the game of Yu-Gi-Oh:

Konami rules over the day to day proceedings of the game and as such, they can change things as they see fit. This refers to the content of cards and whether they are legal for play or not.For example: if a new set comes out with certain types of cards that counter older ones, those older cards will now be illegal to play.

This is due to the fact that there are legal terms and conditions surrounding how you use assets like spell cards.So if these changes occur, it will make some cards used in older games illegal for new ones (or vice versa).You can check out this link right here if you want more information about the legality of older cards.

If you want to learn how to play the game, I suggest finding a beginner guide. There are introductory decks available so even if you don’t have cards yet, you can still get to know the basics of the game. If you are looking for good decks there are premade ones that should help you get started! Yugioh is a very complex game with many different cards, so new players might find it hard to learn every aspect.  I hope this was helpful for someone who is interested in playing!