This is an armor mod that allows you to become a legend in the game of skyrim! It includes the following: A helmet with voice changer, Fingerless gloves , cloaks, robes, A katana (great for stealth kills), A bow with infinity arrows, And many more items!

The armor is craftable and upgradeable at a workbench. It requires the following items: [the names of each item, separated by commas]. You need to find them yourself. You can also learn the hermits secrets, which allow you to craft the legendary sword *insert name here*!

Dark brotherhood armor mod skyrim

is a great addition to your skyrim collection! I highly suggest you download it.

The dark brotherhood is a guild of assassins located in the capital city, whiterun. They can be joined after completing their quest line. The armor mod gives you the appearance of being a member of the dark brotherhood! It does not give you access to their quests or abilites.

First, visit a blacksmith forge to create a crafting table. Then, you can craft the armor at any workbench! All items in this mod are crafted under misc->clothing->armor in the misc section of your crafting menu. The katana and bow both require a specific perk to craft them, so they are in the weapon category.

  • Why would you want to use this over other mods?

If you’re like me, your character is a master of one handed weapons. I use the ebony blade as my main weapon! This mod allows for some variety and adds variety to an already great game!

The pros and cons of using this particular mod:

PROS: -Allows you to become a legend in the many quests of skyrim! -You have everything a member of the dark brotherhood has, minus access to their questline and abilities. -Requires no SKSE or other mods that may cause crashes or bugs. CONS: -Creating the crafting table requires steel ingots, which I couldn’t find in the game. This may be a bug with crafting tables in general, but I’m not sure. -Not a great amount of variety between items. I suggest downloading other mods along with this one to get more fun out of your gameplay experience!

Things to consider before downloading or installing a new mod on your game

A mod is an alteration to the game of skyrim that changes the way your game functions. It could be as simple as changing the look of something, or it could change how you play the game! Mods can range from harmless texture mods like this one, to mods that allow you to alter the actual way your character performs in combat. (These mods are called ‘skill and perk’ mods)

Be sure to read the comments for each mod you download, even if they’re in a foreign language! Most mod authors will explain what their mod does in great depth. If you have any questions about the mod being downloaded, ask your question on that mod’s page. It is very possible for the author of the mod to answer your question directly.

If you are ever concerned about whether or not you can download or install a specific mod, there is no harm in asking! Most mods on the nexus will say if they’re compatible with other popularly downloaded mods (such as this one). If you’re having trouble getting two mods to work together, you can either try to download an updated version of each mod, ask the author if they know why the mods might not be working together, or find another mod that is compatible. Be sure to check comments for other players opinions on compatibility! A mod’s page on the nexus also contains a comments section.

If you’re concerned about how a mod may affect your game, be sure to read reviews! Lots of people try out the new mods and give their opinions on them in the comment section below. Comment sections can be helpful when deciding whether or not to download a mod. Even if the mods don’t work together, it may be worth trying them out just for fun.