The Leading Yugioh Cards for Beginners

Yugioh is an interesting card game. It was created by Kazuki Takahashi and published by Konami in crossed two decades ago. The story of the game revolves around Yugi Muto, a boy who was harnessed with ancient Egyptian spirits called “the Pharaoh’s”.

What are Yugioh Cards?

Yugioh cards depict the monsters and spells your character can use in the game. Players start with 40 life points and lose if their life gets to zero. The player who eliminates his/her opponents becomes the champion of that round.

Your deck should consist of 40 cards minimum; you must have at least three monster, spell or trap cards in your hand to start the game.

Which Yugioh Cards are good for Beginners?

There is no such thing as a perfect card for beginners. However, some cards are recommended for those who are just starting out:

– Blue Eyes White Dragon

– Dark Magician

– Red-Eyes B. Dragon

– Dark Magician Girl

– Exodia the Forbidden One

– Slifer the Sky Dragon

These cards are strong, but they can be easily acquired. Their prices may vary from time to time, so you need to shop around if you want a bargain. You can also check out Yugioh card lists online, and see which cards are up for sale.

Best Draw Cards Yugioh

– Pot of Greed

This card is a must in most decks. It allows you to draw two more cards from your deck, giving you an edge over your opponents.

– Dark Hole

This card can destroy all the monsters on the field at once. If it is used properly, this single move could turn the tide in your favor.

– Heavy Storm

This card destroys all spell and trap cards on the field. It can turn the game around if it is used at the right time.

Best Yugioh Trap Cards for Beginners

– Mirror Force

When your opponent tries to attack, this trap card destroys all his/her attacking monsters. It can be a life-saver in tight situations.

– Sakuretsu Armor

This card can destroy any attacking monster, regardless of its strength. It is a must for those who are facing powerful opponents.

– Magic Cylinder

This card can reflect the damage back to the opponent, potentially winning you the game.

– Trap Hole

This card can instantly defeat an attacking monster, regardless of its level. It is a very versatile card that should be used in most decks.

These are just some of the cards that are good for beginners. As you get more experience, you will probably want to add other cards to your deck.

5 Powerful Yugioh Cards to help you Win Your Duels

– Stardust Dragon

This card can negate an opponent’s spell or trap card. It can also attack directly if it is in face-up attack position.

– Dark Magician of Chaos

It can be a very powerful card when used properly, but you need to have at least 6 magic cards in your graveyard for this move to work.

– Yata-Garasu

This card inflicts direct damage to the opponent, and it also prevents him/her from drawing a card during his/her next turn.

– Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning

It can attack and destroy one monster on your opponent’s side of the field, but you need to sacrifice one light and one dark monster in order to use this move.

– Exodia the Forbidden One

This card can give you an instant win if it is your first turn, so try to get all five pieces of the “Exodia” cards as soon as possible.


Yugioh is a popular trading card game that has been around for years. You can invest hundreds of dollars into the game, but you don’t need to do that to be successful. There are many powerful cards that can help you win your duels, and the best ones vary depending on your playing style. Thanks for reading!