The Complete Guide to Vanilla Tweaks 1.13 and How To Mod Minecraft

Mods are small modifications to Minecraft that add features or fix bugs not included in the original game. Mods can be installed manually by placing them in the minecraft/ mods folder, or they can be installed automatically using a mod manager.

Why Should You Install Vanilla Tweaks at All?

Vanilla Tweaks will make your Minecraft experience less frustrating. Some of the things changed are:

1) Enchanted golden apples now heal two full hearts instead of four.

2) Ender pearls and chorus fruits no longer take damage when used.

3) The vanilla armor system has been disabled; you can wear any armor with any damage reduction.

4) The player’s jump height has been increased to make jumping puzzles more fun.

5) Shields have been buffed to block more damage and be less brittle.

6) Damage dealt by Blazes, Ghasts, and Endermen has been reduced.

7) Mesas, Jungles, and Birch Forests have been added to the world generator.

8) Zombies, Skeletons, and Creepers have been removed from spawning in the End dimension.

9) Monster spawners will no longer generate Blaze or PigZombie spawners in normal worlds.

10) Spider jockeys have been removed from spawning in all biomes except for the desert.

11) Blaze spawners now only generate in the Nether.

12) The giant mob cap has been lifted, which means there can now be many more mobs than before.

13) The (rarely used) Spigot plugin that allows Minecraft to run Bukkit plugins has been disabled; this is because 99% of servers use Forge, which does not support Bukkit plugins.

Vanilla Tweaks 1.13

Vanilla Tweaks is a set of modifications that makes Minecraft less frustrating and more fun to play.

It modifies things such as mob spawning, armor, and enchants to improve the game without changing any core mechanics or adding new content. Vanilla Tweaks has been designed so that it can be safely combined with other mods, and its installation is very simple.

To install Vanilla Tweaks, open the Minecraft launcher and click on the “New Profile” button. Name the profile “Vanilla Tweaks”, then check the box next to “Enable experimental development versions (Enchanting Plus)”.

Click “Save Profile” and launch Minecraft using the new profile. The first time you run Minecraft with this profile active, it will download some files.

What are the Best Mods in the Pack?

Mod Name: AutoSaveWorld


This mod adds a ‘save as’ option to the pause menu as well as adding the ability to configure auto save intervals for specific worlds.

Think of it like Time Machine but for Minecraft saves. It backs up your world every 5 minutes automatically and also gives you the ability to go back in time and get your stuff back.

Mod Name: Armor Stand Tools

Developer: FatherToast

This mod adds a wide array of utility features for armor stands, including dying them, renaming them, swapping heads and more! It’s very simple but has many uses and can be changed so easily via Forge modding that it’s a must have for all servers.

Mod Name: Backpacks!

Developer: Eydamos

This mod adds Enderman-style backpacks to the game which can be used to store items in. They are renewable, stackable, and come in all different colors. You can also dye the backpacks to match your style, and they have a configurable size.

Mod Name: Better Foliage

Developer: octarine-noir

This mod is a must have for anyone who wants to improve the look of their Minecraft world. It makes leaves, vines, and other foliage more realistic and adds shadows to improve the overall look of the game.


Vanilla Tweaks is a must have for anyone who wants to make Minecraft more fun and less frustrating. It’s simple to install and can be combined with other mods without any problems.

The best part is that it’s free! So go ahead and download it today. You won’t regret it.