The 5 Best and Biggest American Casinos Outside of Las Vegas

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If you think that the best and biggest casinos in the US are all located in Las Vegas, think twice. These fabulous and mighty constructions take up the top five spots in the reader’s choice awards organized by USA Today in 2018 in the category of best casinos outside of Las Vegas.

Learn more about these five vibrant award-winning gambling resorts.

Foxwoods Resort Casino – Mashantucket, Connecticut

The Foxwoods Resort Casino was the readers’ choice for the best casino in the United States outside of Las Vegas. This is one of the two gambling resorts in Connecticut. Take a look at these impressive figures.

The casino has more than 4,500 slot machines and 300 table games. The complex needs to have a lot of space for all of this.

And it certainly has. In fact, the Foxwoods Resort Casino has one of the world’s largest Bingo venues, the largest poker room in the entire East Coast, four hotels and over 30 restaurants. You’ll definitely find something that excites you in this fantastic resort.

Mohegan Sun – Uncasville, Connecticut

The state of Connecticut is in full force as its two gambling destinations occupy the top two top slots. The Mohegan Sun actually consists of three casinos. They are all named according to a theme.

They are the Casino of the Earth, the Casino of the Wind and the Casino of the Sky. Among all three, gamblers can choose from an astounding collection of 5,000 slot machines and 275 table games. There is also an area designed specifically to recreate an Asian market with traditional Asian table games.

Grand Sierra Resort – Reno, Nevada

It looks like there are huge casino constructions all around the United States. The Grand Sierra Resort is an 80,000 square foot venue with a multitude of varied gambling areas, from slots to poker and sports betting.

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There are hundreds of TV screens everywhere for gambling and other entertainment purposes. The resort even has organized tournaments of games such as blackjack, poker and bingo.

Pechanga Resort & Casino – Temecula, California

The Pechanga Resort & Casino on the west coast has recently been expanded. Now, it is the home of a casino floor of almost 190,000 square feet. Poker rooms are everywhere. And you can also gamble in a selection of more than 4,000 slot machines and over 150 table games.

L’Auberge Casino Resort – Lake Charles, Louisiana

This stunning casino resort is a very convenient place to gamble, relax and party since it is only two hours away from the metro area in Houston. The slots and table collections are still impressive, although the number of games is a bit lower compared to the casinos above.

However, the L’Auberge Casino Resort offers several high-stake big jackpot games as well as a poker room that run uninterrupted 24/7.

Now that you know more about these rush-inducing casinos, it’s no surprise they were awarded the readers’ choice and, most definitely, with the trust of gamblers nationwide.

2 Reasons Why Classic Casino Games Are Still the Most Popular

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It can’t be denied that the last few years saw a huge evolution in the world of casinos, especially online. However, most of the new digital offers are still rooted in the concepts of classic casino games. Why?


The imagery related to the history of casinos is really distinct and vividly present in the minds of practically everyone. Most games have gone on to become legendary. That is why developers always want to conciliate tradition and modernity.

The classic perception people have of what a casino is can never be replaced. And the classic games are an integral part of that perception. While innovation is openly welcomed, the basic elements have to be maintained.

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New opportunities

Young gamblers are only now starting to play casino games.

And it’s much likely that they will do it solely online. For them, the classic table and slot games are something entirely brand-new. This phenomenon explains why the gaming development industry has taken advantage of recurring trends that show up repeatedly at the dawn of each new generation.

Also, if more experienced players decide to lean towards the digital venues, they will naturally want to find versions of the classic games they have been playing for years in land-based casinos. The experience will feel familiar and secure, while also guaranteeing that the gambler can enjoy the bonuses and features that only the digital realm can provide.

The fact that classic games are still reigning supreme in both real-world and online casinos doesn’t mean the market is not evolving. It undeniably is.

But while innovations like live gambling and virtual reality are revolutionizing the field, the classic concepts are critical to its success.

The 4 Most Popular Table Games in American Casinos

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Most casinos offer a broad catalog of fun, exciting, engaging and lucrative selections, from table games to slot machines. While online slot machine make up the bulk of casino revenue according to a report by, different table games also account for much of a casino’s action, bets and revenue.

Take a look at the four most popular table games in the casinos across the United States.


Blackjack takes the lead by a long way. Over the years, many different and interesting variations of this table game have been developed. Blackjack has a relatively low edge for the house, which is one of the main reasons why it reigns supreme in terms of popularity.

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But most of the variations have a high house edge when compared to the conventional blackjack version. You should always consider whether or not the potential winnings balance the risk.


While blackjack requires a good level of skill from the gambler, the outcome of a roulette game is almost entirely up to chance. Because of this, over the decades, many players have come up with inventive systems to beat the house.

Most have failed. To keep the house edge low, you should choose French roulette or the European roulette. To diminish the risks, you must also assure that the casino is offering you bonuses for your spins.

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The casino poker variations are practically countless. They are so vast and varied that we could even consider poker as a category rather than a game. Some poker games include progressive jackpots and give you the opportunity to hit a life-changing amount of money if you get the royal flush, which is the highest hand.


The table game of baccarat is one of the favorites of the expert casino gamblers. The rules are quite complex and managing the bets also requires a good level of strategy. Many casinos offer side bets for baccarat. But as with blackjack, these have a much higher house edge.

Learn the rules, choose the best bonuses and be smart with your money. Go scoop your jackpot!