The Best Upcoming Betting Games at the Global Gaming Expo

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Each and every October, the Global Gaming Expo, also known as G2E, is held in Las Vegas. There, the best and biggest gaming companies present their latest advancements in the world of casino gambling, including new games and devices.

As you would expect, the new collection of slot machines and table games is the top attraction. However, the 2018 Global Gaming Expo also emphasized the new trends in sports betting, a sector that even had a separate symposium.

Even brands that have been known to heavily promote their latest slots at the Global Gaming Expo are turning their focus to sports betting products.

Come along and learn all about what shifts to expect in the gambling landscape throughout the year, specifically in the realm of sports betting innovations.

Sports betting kiosks

Everything seems to point to an exponential increase in the number of sports betting kiosks across American casinos, something already popular in Europe. The first examples of these kiosks from the company SB Tech are already in operation in Mississippi and New Jersey.

Now, IGT also dives into this promising business opportunity. Since the end of 2018, their sports betting kiosks have been available in big partnering casinos in those same two North-American states.

Different casinos offer different versions of the game, which is a testament to IGT’s desire to please as many audiences as possible.

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Soon enough, though, IGT and SB Tech will not be the only two players in this new kiosk market. Many gaming manufacturers are producing their own machines and discussing all the important details with the most massive casinos not only in Mississippi and New Jersey but across the entire nation.

You must not forget that the legislation needs to pass at each of the states first. But the goal of these sports betting bookies is to have solutions customized to any type of gambler.

In the near future, the trend is for bettors nationwide to be able to bet on sports physically by walking up to a window and having a person assisting them, to simply use one of countless mobile apps and bet on their favorite teams or to spend a night out at a casino and enjoying the new kiosks.

When it comes to the upcoming casino games, the spotlight will much likely be all over the new sports betting stations.

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