Slot Revolution: Read Our Review and Learn How to Play

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The Game Archives brings you a review of the innovative casino game Slot Revolution. Learn what it has in store for you and start playing today.

Slot Revolution

Slot Revolution is one of the best examples of a gambling concept that is shaking up the world of online casinos: role-playing casino games. Slot Revolution is a free game that combines slot machines with a role-playing adventure set in a dungeon.

It is available for iOS, Android and even for Kindle. Slot Revolution creates such a realistic casino experience sensation that you will feel the same type of rush as in a land-based gambling venue.

You will feel like the odds are clearly against you but you will be tempted to keep playing and try to hit the jackpot.

How is Slot Revolution able to produce this feeling in someone that is playing online? By reenacting all the reels, spins, colors, animations, flashes and noises of an actual real-world slot machine.

First, you pick your character and your quest. Then, you head off to the dungeon. Each step in the mission requires a spin in the slot. The outcome of the spin determines the result of the move. Playing the slot also grants you coins, healing and other essential items.

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Whenever an enemy shows up in one of the reels, you will have to battle them. Yet again, the spins will determine your weapons and your attacks. As you can tell by now, your quest in Slot Revolution is almost completely up to chance, just like in most jackpot games.

As you move up the levels, you will be allowed to make allies with other virtual players and improve your weapons for battle.

Keeping coherent with the realistic slot theme, Slot Revolution often seduces you to buy items or extras with your real money. Rest assured that you can play the game without spending a single penny, but you’ll definitely take longer to access all the features. It’s up to you how to manage your budget reasonably.

In conclusion, Slot Revolution is a really fun, engaging, distinct and creative game that achieves the rare feat of attracting role-playing and casino enthusiasts alike.